Friday, November 13, 2009

Crawford from the Bay!

So I was searching the Bay, one of my addictions, and came across this card. The starting bid was $.90 and it had FREE SHIPPING! I bid the minimum and hoped for the best. As you can see I won the auction. I almost feel bad because I know the seller of this card had to lose money on this deal. Kranky1024, the seller, sent it to me in a regular envelope which makes me mad if I spend the usual $3.00 shipping and handling fee but for free what should I expect. The card arrived in great shape and that is all that matters. So the listing had to be .15, the postage was .44, the top loader had to be .05 and the final fee was most likely another .09 to .12 cents. I am sure it took at least 5 minutes to list and pack this card. So in the end it had to cost more to send me this card then it was worth. I am glad you did. Thank you Kranky1024!

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