Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sportlots.com order is in.......

Sometimes taking ones own advice is the hardest thing to do! So when I saw the extra $20.00 I had left over at the end of last week in my wallet the first idea that popped into my head was..... WAX!!! How many Topps Updates and Highlights could I buy? 7 or 8 packs?

Then I remembered how I had just told another blogger to skip the packs, and just buy the cards you want. It will save money and you will not have buyers remorse after all the packs are ripped. I really only want to rip the update hoping for a couple new Crawfords and one of the Rickey Henderson SP cards. What exactly are my chances of pulling those in 7 packs? Not that great.

So instead I took my own advice and went to my favorite site to buy lower priced singles. You can click on it below. I love this site, because the dealers all seem to price their player cards reasonably.

After looking around for a little while I started filling my shopping cart. I ended up with 104 items by the way. Tonight I am going to post all of the Carl Crawfords I received. It would have cost me hundreds of dollars to open all of the wax it would have taken to acquire these cards.


Finally, one of the cards I was hoping to pull. A Highlight/Update CC!!!

The key to making this site work for you is finding one dealer who has a lot of cards you want, and buying them all at the same time. I ended up paying about 25 cents a card for these shipped. If you can find one dealer to work with it saves on the shipping which can get crazy if you buy from more then one dealer at a time. I have placed a few orders now with www.sportlots.com and have been impressed so far with the dealers that sell from the site.

If your looking for a website that specializes in Single trading cards, check out

. Sportlots has millions of cards to search through to help you find the cards
you're looking for. They accept Check, Money Order or Paypal payment. So the next time the wax calls, head over here and just buy the cards you are hoping to pull.

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  1. Wow, I am really glad I just clicked on this! I had 3/4 of those cards set aside in a pile for you! You just saved me two bucks in postage!