Saturday, March 6, 2010

Card of the Day!

I know what your saying to yourself right about now....  What a creative title The Card Addict came up with for this post!  All I can say to that is Thank You!  Here is a card that I recently bought from EBAY.  For some reason I have really been hitting the Bay hard this month.  I have a problem.  I admit it.  Is that the first step?

Carl Crawford will be my favorite player hopefully for most of 2010.  I say this because I hope he makes it the whole year without getting traded.  I don't really expect him to be a Ray in 2011 so I will just have to see where he goes to determine if he will still be at the top of my list.  So for now CC is my main man and here is the newest item in my growing collection:

2008 Bowman Sterling GOLD 22/50

The back!

I like it for a few different reasons, number one: it is shiny.  Number two: it is numbered in gold foil.  Number three: it is a refractor.  Number four:  it is now part of my collection.

I can go and add it to my account now and cross it off the list.  Thanks for checking out my blog.  If you want to set up a trade with me for your old tired Carl Crawford cards, email me at:

The Card Addict


  1. Great title! Of course, it's the same title I used for my '66 Glenn Beckert post today. Brilliant! Nice card as well.