Saturday, October 31, 2009

2008 Baseball Heros pack 2

Here is pack number two from my .99 cent per pack purchase....

David Wright joins the 30/30 club. I love a guy who can hit for power and steal bases. What the heck happened to you in 2009 David? Is the new stadium that much bigger? You only hit 10 home runs? I do like the 27 steals though.

Jeter, Ripken, if you had these two guys on your team, which one plays short? Again, why aren't the pictures twice as big and the logo and text smaller?

8 RBIs in one game!!!! 4-4 two doubles, a single, and a home run. Oh yeah he also drew a walk to bring in a runner. What a game! JR only had 3 RBIs in 2009.

In 2006 Freddy hit .344, in 2009 Freddy hit .293. Keep on keeping on Freddy!!!

Yogi played in 14 World Series with the Yankees, they only won 10 of them..... This guy was an amazing player who is better know for what he said. Wouldn't it be nice if more modern players were that way. A lot of the guys now are know for what they say and are not that great of players.

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  1. I love how you compared the feat on the card with what they did in 2009. It's amazing the difference a season or two can make. Great post!