Friday, December 4, 2020

SUPER SHORT PRINT from WAL-MART one box break!!!!


My last post showed all the rookies that I pulled in my pack.  Here is the highlight from the box!!!

Thats correct, a SUPER SHORT PRINT Ronald Acuna Jr.....   I thought the card was odd because it does not show Acuna Jr's face at all, when I looked for it on ebay I discovered it was a SSP and pretty rare.  According to the box you will only receive one of these in every 262 packs!  You can tell it you have a short print by looking at the code at the bottom on the back of the card.  Normal cards will have a code that ends in: 041588.  Any other number and you need to investigate.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

I hate ROOKIE Pitcher Cards!

 2020 Topps Update Hanger pack break post #1....

So I opened a hanger pack of Topps Update, retail cost $9.99 at Wal-Mart..  I know many of you won't believe that because retail cards are very rare at the moment, but I swear it is the truth..  anyway..   The good news is I pulled 13 Rookie cards...  The bad news.....  They are all pitchers......

Maybe I will take some photos of the rest of the cards.... 

My Least Favorite Card? P2020

 Worst purchase ever?

2020 has been a wild ride, and sometimes being a player collector sucks.  I haven't been picking up every Henderson possible, but I did get roped into Project 2020 this year.  I am missing the VIDES version, but have broken the bank and purchased the rest.  I think this one has to be the worst Henderson card that I have ever spent money on....  What was I thinking?

I think the only purchase I made this year that was worse was all the one ply TP during the great spring shortage!