Sunday, May 22, 2011

Unexpected Rays!!

A few weeks ago a package arrived in my mail box from the author of Night Owl Cards.  Seems like he was up late looking through his piles and piles of Dodger cards and must have come across a few Rays cards that he had no use for.  Being the kind blogger that he is, said Night Owl then stuffed them gently into a padded envelope and sent them to me here in the Sunshine State.  The Closet is very greatful!!!!  Here is a look at what showed up!!!!

First a couple of Crawford cards.  After a lot of back and forth on the matter I think I am going to continue to collect CC cards.  Even though his move to the Red Sox has made his cards a little more pricey on Ebay, I still really like Crawford's game.  He has really struggled in bean town this year, but should turn it around before the season is over.

The Owl also threw in a couple of odd ball Hendersons.  I really like the 70's inspired baseball card mag cut out.  Check out the back below.  

The investment advisor suggests BUY, BUY, BUY the Henderson Rookie at $150.  I wonder what they advisor is doing now?  I bet he is recommending Bryce Harper cards.

The ladies love LONGO and so does this blogger.  The Rays really missed him at the beginning of the year.  The Rays will only go as far as Mr. Longoria bat takes them this year.  Their offense is very streaky and Longo needs to keep it glued together.

BJ Upton, what a pleasant surprise you have been this season.  You have been playing pretty hard, picking up some clutch hits.  Must be a contract year!

Desmond I dont remember seeing you play on opening day?  Were you really there?  

I did not know who this was until I received this card, but apparently this is who the Rays are hoping will be their starting catcher at some point in the future.  After reading the info on the back of this card I have become a huge fan.  Justin is an Indiana native who was born in Muncie, Indiana at the same time I attended Ball State.  He also has been know to "DOMINATE AT TABLE TENNIS"  I hope to see you  at the Trop soon Justin.

And last but not least 80% of the Rays starting pitching staff.  4 out of 5 not to bad!!!  Shields 2011 Topps Opening Day, Wade Davis and Jeff Niemann surrounded by wood grain, and a tiny little David Price... so cute.

The lesson learned, all you bloggers, is if you have a bunch of these "Rays" cluttering up your collection and you want to unload them, there are plenty of us out here who will gladly take them off your hands.  Thanks again Night Owl Cards.

The Card Addict

Friday, February 11, 2011


I was worried that the 2011 version of TOPPS may have dropped the "SKETCH" card.  However after a little searching on EBAY this week I was able to locate a few 2011 SKETCH cards.  Not only did I find a few, turns out they are some great looking cards!  I am not sure I like the direction they are going with re-creating older cards, but I guess it goes go with the anniversary theme.  Here are some pictures of the cards that have already been sold or are currently listed on EBAY.....

The Rays are going to miss you Joaquin.  Thanks for a great year in 2010!

This is one bad mama jamma.  Love the '73 feel and look of this card.

Great looking card.

Classic Killebrew

One of my All-time favorite cards re-drawn UPSIDE DOWN???
Still very sweet.


Not so sure about this one...  looks unfinished to me.

Sweet piece of artwork.  Doesn't look like Vladdy, but a really cool card.

This is really cool....

I really like these 1/1 pcs of artwork, and if you don't have one in your collection yet I highly recommend you go out and get one, you will not be disappointed.

The Card Addict

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Just the beginning!

I am not the first, and I will not be the last to post a break in the 2011 Topps collecting season.  In case you were wondering I bought two loose packs and a blaster from Wal-Mart.  These are the results of the first pack....

Paul Konerko.....  watching a looping single land softly in front of an unknown center fielder!

Christian Guzman....  turning a double play!

James "Big Game" Shields....  Only three cards in and I pulled my first RAY!!!!!

Rays Team Card...  Garza and Pena are now both Cubs....  Shoppach and Longo are still here though!

Pedro Ciriaco....  RC for the Pirates

Ryan Braun....Wal-Mart Exclusive Blue Diamond card.  Ryan could be Brendan Fraizers stunt double if the baseball career doesn't work out.

Babe Ruth TOPPS 60... Decent looking cards. However for some reason I do not like getting Ruth cards in new product.  Seems to me you should only be able to get a Ruth card by shelling out a lot of dough.

History of Topps  1994 moves from Brooklyn to NYC.....   Is that why ever year they put a Derek Jeter gimmick card in the set?

Evan Longoria Topps Town....   I hate Topps Town and not even Longo looking at a long fly ball out can change my mind.

Jhoulys Chacin...  Look at all the fans in those red seats....

Chase Utley...  Great card, up on his toes, love the score board in the background.

Carlos Gonzalez...  The 2010 NL Batting Champ...  197 Hits...  Monster Year, can he do it again?

So there is my first pack of 2011...  If you read this post all the way to this point you deserve a shot at a prize.....  So here is the contest......

The first person to comment with the name of my first Rays card from 2010 will receive:

1 Random Wax pack and 20 cards of the team of your liking.  You can guess as many times as you like, but only the first one will count, so make it a good one. If you poke around a little on this blog you will not need to guess.... Thanks for reading and good luck.


Friday, February 4, 2011


I just threw up in my mouth a little bit!

The Card Addict

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kyle Farnsworth?

Good bye.......Free agents
Carlos Pena
Carl Crawford
Joaquin Benoit
Randy Choate
Dan Wheeler

Soon to be good bye.....
Alfonso Soriano
Grant Balfour

Good bye traded core players:
Jason Bartlett
Matt Garza

Kyle Farnsworth????


The AP is reporting that Kyle "gas can" Farnsworth and his 12 year
lifetime 34-55 record are headed to the Rays.  Please tell me that the
Rays are not really thinking about adding this head case to the roster. 
Especially if the 
money that are reporting can be believed....  

$3.25 million per year????  What????

As a newer Rays fan.... since 1999....  I understand not signing the
free agents, and I have actually kind of liked the trades we have
pulled off.  I know our bullpen is going to be our weakest link in 
2011, but Kyle Farnsworth?  

Note to Joe....  Keep the all the electric fans out of the dugout.... 
and lets hope Kyle spends some of his cash on obedience 
school for his two Bulldogs!!!

At least he can fight!!!  Do you need an enforcer in baseball?

The Card Addict