Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kyle Farnsworth?

Good bye.......Free agents
Carlos Pena
Carl Crawford
Joaquin Benoit
Randy Choate
Dan Wheeler

Soon to be good bye.....
Alfonso Soriano
Grant Balfour

Good bye traded core players:
Jason Bartlett
Matt Garza

Kyle Farnsworth????


The AP is reporting that Kyle "gas can" Farnsworth and his 12 year
lifetime 34-55 record are headed to the Rays.  Please tell me that the
Rays are not really thinking about adding this head case to the roster. 
Especially if the 
money that are reporting can be believed....  

$3.25 million per year????  What????

As a newer Rays fan.... since 1999....  I understand not signing the
free agents, and I have actually kind of liked the trades we have
pulled off.  I know our bullpen is going to be our weakest link in 
2011, but Kyle Farnsworth?  

Note to Joe....  Keep the all the electric fans out of the dugout.... 
and lets hope Kyle spends some of his cash on obedience 
school for his two Bulldogs!!!

At least he can fight!!!  Do you need an enforcer in baseball?

The Card Addict