Sunday, August 30, 2009

In person Autographs.....

I really enjoy collecting baseball cards, and I used to really like going and getting a player to sign one or two. However I have not had much time to do that kind of thing since I got married and was blessed with a daughter. Here is a card that I had Carl Crawford sign back in about 2004 at an appearance he made at a mall to help open a new Rays store. It is only authenticated in my own memories.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welcome back Akinori Iwamura

The Rays beat the Tigers today 3-1 which is good news for Rays fans, but I was really happy to see that Aki was back from his knee injury. He was out 81 games. Ben Zobrist did an amazing job filling in for him. Aki went 1-2 with a run scored and two walks hitting out of the 9 hole. So lets put that Alligator skin glove back to work. The Rays fans have missed you.

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Reloading on a budget???????

I slept on it, and when I woke up it left a bad taste in my mouth. Yesterday when I heard that the Rays had traded away Scott Kazmir I was not happy. My thoughts immediately went to the offseason trade of Edwin Jackson to the Tigers for Matt Joyce. So now between Jackson and Kazmir we have traded away two under 25 year old starting pitchers that accounted for 26 wins in 2008. What have we received in return? A Triple-A lefty hitting outfielder batting .274 with 15 HRs, a class A advanced lefty hitting third baseman batting .296 with 9 HR, a double A pitcher who is 13-4 with a 2.75 era, and the dreaded player to be named later.

The Joyce trade made no sense to me. Yes the Rays needed an outfielder when they traded for Joyce. The only problem is.... they still need an outfielder. Joyce did not play well when he started the season in the bigs. He also does not provide a right hand power bat which the Rays certainly could use, see Pat Burrell. He is an average defensive outfielder at best with little speed. Giving up Edwin Jackson, a 14 game winner, did not make much sense.

The Kazmir trade makes a little more sense to me. Dollars and Cents.......

I actually like Torres as a prospect, he is almost a mirror image of Kaz. He has 149 K's in just over 147 innings pitched. He is a lefty and is only 22 years old. He also is not owed 20 million + over the next three years. Matt Sweeney however better not unpack his bags, because I do not see any reason for the Rays to keep this guy. Longoria is the face of the Rays, and at only 24 years old most likely will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Overall, I think the Jackson deal was done to improve the team, and it just didn't work out. The Kaz deal was made to save money!!! It looks to me like the Rays have decided to pack in this season and start trying to figure out how they are going to make payroll next year. Hopefully Torres will become a quality major league starter, and the Rays will get something in return for Sweeney and the dreaded PTBNL......

Are the Rays headed in the right direction? Will this be another Young for Garza and Bartlett move, or could it be another Jackson for Joyce? Only time will tell. Like Cubs fans always say, "There is always next year!"

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Kazmir TRADED to the ANGELS?

Scott Kazmir, the Rays all time strike out leader, was traded to the Angels for two prospects. Alex J Torres and Matt Sweeney. I will post more about this later when I have had a chance to find out all the facts.......

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2006 Topps Blue border CRAWFORD 7/10

With Carl Crawford sitting out another game due to a stiff back, I needed a CC fix so I dug through my cards and came across this gem. It is a 2006 Topps blue border card that I purchased some time ago. It has a light blue border, and I seem to remember the ebay listing saying something about a convention or special show. Does anyone else have any of these cards? Are they listed in Beckett anywhere? As you can see, on the back the card is numbered 7/10. Any info would be appreciated.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mail Day: Carl Crawford Rookies

After a tough day at work it is always nice to come home to some ebay spoils! I won these two Carl Crawford Bowman rookie cards last week on the bay. My grand total for both cards was $2.33 overall I think I got a steal. Hopefully the tight back he received in last nights game against the Jays won't cause him too miss to many starts down the stretch. The Rays are going to need CC if they plan on catching the Red Sox and Rangers.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

2007 Topps Copper Carl Crawford

Do you have one of these pieces of junk cluttering up your collection? I hear there are 56 of them floating around. Would you like to get rid of yours? If so, I would be willing to take one or two of them off your hands. Email me and let me know who you are interested in, maybe we can work a trade.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


OK, here is the last of the three packs I bought yesterday to test out my new scanner. I really do like the results of the scanner better then my camera. I am pretty sure it is faster too.

Here is what the packing looks like for this product, had to try to scan something different.

Here are the first three cards from the break:

Wow, my heart may not be able to take another start like that. Looks like the Lee Jersey card is going to be it for this $10.

Here are the next three:

And to end this misery:

Now I have a tough decision to make. Do I go with the individual card scan, the double, or the triple? At this point, I think I like the individual scan for the better cards, and the triple scan for the filler. What are your opinions? Also, everything from this 3 pack break is available. If you saw anything you need, please email me and maybe we can work something out for your Carl Crawford, Rickey Henderson, or Tampa Bay Rays cards. My email address is

Thanks for reading,
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Rain+Nap=Busted Wax

It is raining again here in the Tampa Bay area this morning, so I cannot get my grass cut. My daughter is taking a nap, and the wife ran to the grocery store to get some juice. What is a guy with a brand new Canon LiDE 100 scanner and a couple of unopened packs of cards to do.........

Bust a pack!!!! By the way, I played around a little with the software that came with the scanner and think that it will work much better for quickly scanning the cards then photoshop does. Canon's software is called MP Navigator EX and it makes scanning very simple, not as fast as I hoped, but still very simple. You throw your card on the platen, pick your settings, mine are color photo at 300 dpi and hit scan. It does the rest including cropping the card! This is a very nice feature. Then it automatically saves your scans in a file that has todays date on it. I just scanned 4 cards from this pack in about 4 minutes. Here are the results:

This is a great looking card! Love the layout and the "I just crushed that ball" stare.

Another Topps News Rookie Star. I like the Gardner card better, but this is a good start.


Wow, this is a nice hit! I don't think much of the layout on this card, or the photo, or the ALL white jersey swatch, but I cannot complain. It is a JERSEY CARD after all, and Derrek Lee is no slouch!!!


Last card:

So far so good on the scanner, I love a bargain and at under $60.00 this scanner is doing everything I wanted it to do. You should pick one up from Amazon if you are in the market. I am not sure it would be great if you were selling and wanted to scan hundreds of cards per day, but for your blogging it works great!

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Canon LiDE 100 Scanner is here!

I was very excited driving home today because according to the amazon tracking feature, my new scanner had been delivered! I have moved out of the realm of photos into the realm of scans and I could not be more excited.....

So as I drove home thinking DPI and image quality a thought hit me. What am I going to scan? A new scanner calls for some new cards, so I stop by the local shop, which I will review at some time in the future, and pick up a few packs of 2008 Topps Baseball Updates and Highlights Heritage High Number Series!!! 3 packs for $10.00???

Anyway, you can see my 15 month old daughter was not quite as excited as I was about my new toy. She likes her toys to have blinking lights and loud repeating make you want to kill yourself noises. She is absolutely amazing, and my pride and joy but not ready to become a collector just yet.

Here is what came in the box with my Canon LiDE 100:

Time to plug it in and give it a good once over. The packaging was adequate to protect the product, but not overwhelming. No tools are necessary to operate the scanner. After I get all the goodies unwrapped, I throw away the quick start manual, the manly thing to do, stick the install disc into my MAC, and plug the USB connector into the computer. I follow the quick install directions and restart my computer. Then I double click Adobe Photoshop and choose import. There it is: CanoScan LiDE 100. Here is what the set up looks like:

My first impressions of the scanner however leave a little to be desired. It is very lightweight, especially the lid. To call the lid flimsy feeling would be very generous. Hopefully it will stand up to the constant up and down I plan to put it through. I do love the fact that this scanner pulls power from my computer instead of being plugged in. One cord is a good thing!

So lets rip a pack and try this thing out.
Brian Anderson
Troy Percival

Not a good start...
Chris Dickerson
Jose Arredondo
Greg Dobbs chrome 1038/1959

A little something, something but nothing to get fired up about yet. The scanner did a good job on the chrome card however.

The last two cards:
Geoff Jenkins
John Bowker

Overall not a great pack. My favorite pull would have to be the gum. I will open some more wax tomorrow and try to give a little more in depth review of my under $60 scanner. So far so good.

The Card Addict

If you want to add the same scanner to your collection, click on the link below and get it From Amazon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

AUCTION WIN!!! How to bid stress free on EBAY

I was trolling the EBAY today and came across an auction that I felt compelled to bid on. Two Carl Crawford bowman rookies, one regular, one chrome. Starting bid .99 and $1.34 shipping. Well as an avid Carl Crawford collector I just could not let this auction go without any bids. So I threw my hat in the ring and bid a whopping .99 cents. Well a little more then an hour later I get the email confirmation, I AM A WINNER!!!!

I didn't snipe, I was not sitting by my computer waiting to see if someone out bid me, and I did not stress out wondering if I would win. That is exactly how I like to use EBAY, stress free. Please take my advice when it comes to the EBAY. Place one bid that is as high as you are willing to pay for an item. Then walk away. It will add years to your life.

Picture yourself in a card shop looking at a must have treasure. See your self asking the clerk, "how much for that card?" Then pretend negotiate the price you would be willing to pay. Use this price as your bid, remember it is what you are willing to pay. If you win it was meant to be. If you are outbid then someone thought the item was worth more than you did.

It took me a long time to stop getting caught up in EBAYMANIA. Bidding slightly higher, being outbid, bidding slightly higher, being out bid....... but ever since I stopped watching my auctions, I feel much better win or lose. When I receive the new Bowman Carl Crawford Rookie cards I will scan them and post some images.

Do you know that the tattoo on Carls neck is his Zodiac sign? Leo

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jeff Niemann Rookie of the Year?????

The Tampa Rays hoped beginning the season one of their starting pitchers would have a chance to win the A.L. Rookie of the Year award. What they did not know was that pitchers name would be Jeff Niemann. Most people believed David Price was a ROY candidate coming off his strong '08 post season performance. It only seemed logical that he would continue his success and have a shot at the AL ROY trophy. Poor control and high pitch counts have kept the "Price from being Right" most of his rookie campaign.

While Price struggled, Jeff Niemann is quietly putting together a very solid rookie year. He threw a gem of a game tonight against the Baltimore O's to push his record to 11-5. He went 7 1/3 innings tonight giving up only a solo shot to Brian Roberts before being pulled. He gave up seven hits and had 5 K's. He lowered his ERA to 3.71, and got his eleventh win, both tops on the Rays staff. Niemann has be arguably the best starter for the Rays this year.

His ERA and BAA are both in the top 20 of all AL pitchers, he has 2 complete game shutouts, and 81 Ks. He is now 6-1 since June 16th.

Niemann was the Rays first pick in the 2004 draft, fourth overall. He made his major league debut on April 13, 2008 against the Baltimore O's. Niemann was out of options starting spring training this year so the Rays were forced to give him a starting spot to keep him from being exposed to waivers. Sometimes having your hand forced can be a good thing, especially if you are the Rays!

There are some other great looking Rookies this year, Brett Anderson LHP of Oak, Elvis Andrus SS Texas, Brad Bergesen RHP Bal, Gordon Beckham 3B Chi, Matt Wieters C Bal, Andrew Bailey RHP Oak, Rick Porcello RHP Det, Ricky Romero LHP Toronto, but if by some miracle the Rays can catch Texas and Boston and win the AL Wild Card I look for Tampa to have their second American League Rookie of the Year!

Go over to the EBAY and pick up a couple of Niemann rookie cards while you can:

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scanner is in the mail!!

I need a scanner for my baseball cards! After last nights post I decided I needed to get one on order. I love my Nikon D40. It is a great camera and if you are in the market for an entry level DSLR, you can do no better then a D40. With that said it is really hard to take a good picture of a baseball card in a top loader without getting a flash hot spot. So I decided to get a flat bed scanner to show off some of the cards in my collection here on the site. After looking around at Target, Kmart, Walmart and online. I decided to buy a Canon LiDE100 Color Image Scanner from At a little over $56.00, a 4.5 star rating, and free shipping, I figure how can I go wrong? According to Amazon it shipped today and I should have it shortly. When it comes in, you will be the first to get my review of the Canon LiDE100 and see some images of my Carl Crawford card stash. Below you will find a link to the exact scanner I purchased along with one that also scans negatives if you are a photog. If you are in the market for a budget scanner, I did the shopping for you. You may want to wait for my review, but it looks like exactly what I need to take this blogs images to the next level. I cannot wait to scan my baseball cards instead of photograph them.

Monday, August 17, 2009

October trip to see the Red Sox in Fenway

What is there to do in BOSTON? Can someone who is not a tourist please tell me? I just wanted to put this up real quick. I will be going to Boston in October for a game, hopefully the weather will be decent. Does anyone have any "must do's" while I am in Bean Town? I cannot wait for the trip and will really enjoy Fenway, but any advice on other goings on would be appreciated.

The Card Addict

Always Use Protection

What kind of protection do you use for your cards? Do you place them in 9 pocket pages and binders, top loaders, penny sleeves? Do you go ahead and leave them unprotected, stashed in a cardboard box? My preferred method of storage is placing the card in a penny sleeve and then dropping them into a top loader. When I see a stack of my precious cards sitting around without this dual layer of protection I tend to worry a little. Call me neurotic, tell me a have a slight touch of OCD, or just call me crazy, but unprotected cards cause me to shudder every time I see them. Some of my paranoia may be due to my daughter, who will be turning 15 months old tomorrow, and her uncanny ability to pick out the only thing in a room she should not have and make it the object of her obsession. She loves to get her hands on Daddys Stuff!!!!

Well, now that you know I get the shakes when I see unprotected cards, you may be interested to know that I have gone more then a month without top loaders. They simply were not in the budget. Relief came in the mail today however!!!!!! I found a site online: that was selling a case of top loaders delivered for $68.00 I have paid more before so I thought I would give them a try. They arrived today, and the quality is very good! I am impressed and will buy from them again. I have needed top loaders for so long that I am extremely excited about this mail day!!! Finally I will be able to protect a few of the cards I have pulled recently.

I put a link to the site on my blog..... If you need supplies I would give them a look. The also carry something called the Xpack, it looks to me like it is repackaged cards. I may give them a shot it the future. You can order an Xpack of your favorite team, and they promise at least on card will be worth the cost of the pack...... I'll believe it when I see it.

Here are a few of the cards that received PROTECTION today. Nothing special, but I feel better knowing they are safe.

A few numbered Carl Crawford cards for my personal collection. Man do I need a scanner! Does anyone have a good recommendation for a cheap scanner. I would love to be able to scan these instead of fighting the flash on my Nikon D40.

The Card Addict

Friday, August 14, 2009

Topps only may not be a bad thing....

I have been thinking a lot about the exclusivity deal that TOPPS signed with Major League Baseball this week. I think that it may actually be a good thing for collectors. You see, I started collecting in the early 1980's and there were three brands of cards: Topps, Donruss, and Fleer. Most of the players had three cards to collect. Most of the players on the cards had actually played in the major leagues. The cards were simple clean designs that were full of stats on the back. I stored my cards in a shoe box sorted by league and team. The hobby was simple, easy, and fun. I traded all of my Mets cards to the neighbor for all of his Cubs. Things could not have been better.

Then sometime in the late 80's early 90's things began to change. Upper Deck introduced us all to a premium brand of baseball card. Packs went from $.40 cents to $2.00 overnight. A few years later there were so many different sets, subset, and products that every player had 50-200 different cards per year. Serial numbers, color variations, chrome, silk, the options were endless. It had become almost impossible to collect all of the cards of your favorite player. To illustrate my point, In 1985 Rickey Henderson was my player of choice. If you look at the database, which is a great resource, you will find that Rickey had 27 total items, 5 stickers, 1 coin, 1 rub down??, and 20 total cards. This was a year where Rickey made the All Star team and was traded, so there were a lot of special cards. Compare that to my current favorite player Carl Crawford. If you look up all the items for CC in 2005, just 20 years later you will find 757 items. Thats right 757 different items from 2005 alone. Can you say saturated market?

Lets look at this from a collectors point of view. In 1985, I would have had to track down 20 cards to complete my Rickey Hendersons of 1985. It would have been tough without ebay and the internet, but I think I could have done it. I bet I could have done it for less than $100 too. My 2005 Carl Crawford collection on the other hand would be IMPOSSIBLE to put together. Did you know of the 757 items listed for Carl, 171 of them are 1 of 1 cards? That means only one of them was made. Lets say I was able to track all 171 of them down. Have you seen what 1 of 1's go for on the bay or at a card store. $50/$75/$100+ dollars. That means conservatively it could cost me between $8,000 and $20,000 for just the 1 of 1's. I still have 586 other cards to go!

So how does an exclusivity deal help this situation? I hope it will allow Topps to come out with a few less, but better overall products. Maybe they will drop a few brands, have a few less chrome versions, and make a product at a price point that the average collector can buy. Lets bring the fun back into collecting by making it simple and easy again. I think if they offered lets say.... 5 brands they could cover everything that needs covering: Topps Total, Topps, Allen & Gintner, Bowman, and Bowman Sterling. This would cover all the bases. Topps total for the team collector, Topps for the average collector, A&G for the guys that like the nostalgia/old school look, Bowman for the rookies, and Bowman Sterling for the ultra high end prospector. Sprinkle all of these with some good auto, game used, and serial numbered cards and hopefully Carl Crawford won't have 1,000 cards in 2010 for me to collect.

Please bring the fun back to collecting, I should not have to have a masters in statistics and to collect my favorite player.

The Card Addict

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Topps signs exclusive deal with MLB!!!! What does it mean?

As of January 1, 2010 Topps will have an exclusive contract with Major League Baseball. Topps will have exclusivity on MLB logos and Club trademarks. News release here:What does this mean? Well according to the New York Daily news article, which you can read here, Upper Deck will no longer be able to use the red, white, and blue MLB logo. They will also not be able to show players with their team logos on their uniforms!!!! Does this mean the end of UD baseball cards as we know them?

This is very disappointing to me. I really love Upper Deck cards and do not want to see a bunch of airbrushed uniforms or hatless player cards.

What would some of the greatest Upper Deck cards from the last 20 years look like without the official logos????? Take a look........

Would you buy any of these no logo cards?????

The Card Addict

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Pack Break

Well after another very long day on the road I am mentally drained. I have decided to do another quick pack break, so I stopped buy my local Target store to see what I can rip. There on the shelf was a lone pack of 2009 Topps Heritage. Normally I stay clear of the last lonely pack. Sitting there by itself. No one willing to buy it. Looking sad and out of place. However tonight I put my usual last pack hang up aside and snagged it.

In case I have not mentioned it before I am a sucker for the Heritage product. I just love to see todays players on the card layouts from the past. This retail pack also comes with a piece of gum!

8 Cards, here goes nothing........I will post a picture of all the cards at the end of the post.

Card 1
Dwight Eisenhower Signs the civil rights act of 1960. (News Flashback) 1:12 packs odds on this card #NF4

Card 2
Tony LaRussa Cardinals Manager Card #220

Card 3
Erick Aybar Angels #90

Card 4
James Parr Braves 2009 Rookie Star #129

Card 5
Jonathan Broxton Dodgers #191

Card 6
Anibel Sanchez Marlins #333

Card 7
Kansas City Royals team card #413

Card 8
Dustin Pedroia Mayos Card #TME-DP

Not much in this pack, but I do like the Pedroia card. Not sure what the odds on it were, but the all black boarder and back with a black and white photo make for a sharp card.

Here is a photo of the 8 cards and package. As always, if you are interested in any or all of these cards, let me know. Maybe we can work a trade.

The Card Addict

Monday, August 10, 2009

What to Collect?

Sometimes when I sit down and try to re arrange my collection for the millionth time I think about collections that I would like to have. Some that come to mind are all the 1952 Topps Yankee cards, maybe every Willie Mays card ever made, and I think I would even like to have all the 1985 Cubs cards. Don't get me wrong, I like to put together your standard set from time to time, in fact I am working on a 1969 Topps, a 2001 Topps Archives, and a 2001 Fleer Platinum master set as I type this. However I often think of "historical" collections that I could put together, with my budget in mind. I call them "historical" because they deal with games or people from the past. Some of them require research, others come right from my memory. There are three great things about a "historical" collection.

1. Sometimes they require me to do research. If I want a card of every switch hitting catcher from the 1970's. I need to find out who all of those guys are. The internet is a great place to start, but you could also make a trip to the library, or start looking at the back of all those 70's cards.

2. It is a great activity to do with your son or daughter. You are teaching them about the game you love, reading and researching, setting a common goal, and then looking for the cards. I cannot think of a better way to share the hobby I love with a child or even friend.

3. The third and last reason these "historical" collections are great is you can do them on a budget. Lets say I am looking for a great Reggie Jackson card, to complete my collection of 1980s All Stars. Instead of laying down a stack of cash for that 1969 Reggie Jackson Rookie card to complete your 1969 set, just buy a 1980 Jackson for a couple of bucks and move on to the next card.

I think that one I am going to start on is a card from every starting American League All-Star outfielder of 1990's. This should be a very easy collection for me to put together because of all the cards I purchased in the decade of the 90's. Here is a break down of the players who started in the outfield for the American League.

Jose Canseco
Ken Griffey Jr.
Rickey Henderson

Dave Henderson
Ken Griffey Jr.
Rickey Henderson

Joe Carter
Ken Griffey Jr
Kirby Puckett

Joe Carter
Ken Griffey Jr.
Kirby Puckett

Joe Carter
Ken Griffey Jr.
Kirby Puckett

Albert Belle
Kenny Lofton
Kirby Puckett

Abert Belle
Kenny Lofton
Brady Anderson

Brady Anderson
Ken Griffey Jr.
Paul O'Neil

Kenny Lofton
Juan Gonzalez
Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey Jr.
Kenny Lofton
Manny Ramirez

Now you could make this collection in a couple of different ways:

1. The Rookie card for each player.
2. The actual All Star Card for each player.
3. Any random card of each player
4. A material card from each player
5. A serial numbered card from each player
6. Cards from each player from the year they started in the All Star game.

I think I am just going to go with the random card from each player. I will add pictures when I put this "historical" collection together.

The Card Addict

Friday, August 7, 2009

Preformanced Enhanced 40-40 club?

Yesterday I opened a pack of '88 Fleer, and one of the cards got me thinking. This card remembered the outstanding 1987 season that Eric Davis and Daryl Strawberry had. They both entered the 30-30 club in 1987 and both made a run at 40-40. As I lay awake last night I began to think about Jose Canseco and his 1988 42 HR and 40 SB season. I began going down the list of 40-40 club members: Canseco, Bonds, A-Rod, and most recently Alfonso Soriano. Did any of these guys reach 40-40 without the juice? Well we know Canseco pierced the skin with a needle, Bonds has never tested positive but the cream and the clear certainly didn't hurt his quest for membership into the club, A-Rod tested positive in 2003, so that leaves only Alfonso Soriano and his 46 bombs and 41 steals in 2006 for the Washington Nationals.

Since I believe testing started in 2004, Soriano may be the only performance enhancing drug free member of the 40-40 club. We have seen a decline in his overall production over the past few years, and the injuries and missed games are starting to pile up but at 6'1" and about 180 lbs he does not fit the template for juicer. His swing has always been a picture of violent beauty, and as of this post he does have 19 HR in 98 games but he only has 8 stolen bases. Could he have used too? Lets hope not. We may never know. Here is a list of some guys who came close to 40-40, but just fell short:

1922 Ken Williams of the St. Louis Browns
39 HR and 37 SB in 153 games
Ken was the very first member of the 30-30 club

1956 Willie Mays
36 HR and 40 SB in 152 games

1973 Bobby Bonds
39 HR and 43 SB in 160 games

1987 Eric Davis
37 HR and 50 SB in 129 games

1987 Daryl Strawberry
39 HR and 36 SB in 154 games

2002 Vlad Guerrero
39 HR and 36 SB in 161 games

2004 Carlos Beltran
38 HR and 43 SB in 159 games

The Card Addict