Friday, August 21, 2009

Canon LiDE 100 Scanner is here!

I was very excited driving home today because according to the amazon tracking feature, my new scanner had been delivered! I have moved out of the realm of photos into the realm of scans and I could not be more excited.....

So as I drove home thinking DPI and image quality a thought hit me. What am I going to scan? A new scanner calls for some new cards, so I stop by the local shop, which I will review at some time in the future, and pick up a few packs of 2008 Topps Baseball Updates and Highlights Heritage High Number Series!!! 3 packs for $10.00???

Anyway, you can see my 15 month old daughter was not quite as excited as I was about my new toy. She likes her toys to have blinking lights and loud repeating make you want to kill yourself noises. She is absolutely amazing, and my pride and joy but not ready to become a collector just yet.

Here is what came in the box with my Canon LiDE 100:

Time to plug it in and give it a good once over. The packaging was adequate to protect the product, but not overwhelming. No tools are necessary to operate the scanner. After I get all the goodies unwrapped, I throw away the quick start manual, the manly thing to do, stick the install disc into my MAC, and plug the USB connector into the computer. I follow the quick install directions and restart my computer. Then I double click Adobe Photoshop and choose import. There it is: CanoScan LiDE 100. Here is what the set up looks like:

My first impressions of the scanner however leave a little to be desired. It is very lightweight, especially the lid. To call the lid flimsy feeling would be very generous. Hopefully it will stand up to the constant up and down I plan to put it through. I do love the fact that this scanner pulls power from my computer instead of being plugged in. One cord is a good thing!

So lets rip a pack and try this thing out.
Brian Anderson
Troy Percival

Not a good start...
Chris Dickerson
Jose Arredondo
Greg Dobbs chrome 1038/1959

A little something, something but nothing to get fired up about yet. The scanner did a good job on the chrome card however.

The last two cards:
Geoff Jenkins
John Bowker

Overall not a great pack. My favorite pull would have to be the gum. I will open some more wax tomorrow and try to give a little more in depth review of my under $60 scanner. So far so good.

The Card Addict

If you want to add the same scanner to your collection, click on the link below and get it From Amazon.

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