Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reloading on a budget???????

I slept on it, and when I woke up it left a bad taste in my mouth. Yesterday when I heard that the Rays had traded away Scott Kazmir I was not happy. My thoughts immediately went to the offseason trade of Edwin Jackson to the Tigers for Matt Joyce. So now between Jackson and Kazmir we have traded away two under 25 year old starting pitchers that accounted for 26 wins in 2008. What have we received in return? A Triple-A lefty hitting outfielder batting .274 with 15 HRs, a class A advanced lefty hitting third baseman batting .296 with 9 HR, a double A pitcher who is 13-4 with a 2.75 era, and the dreaded player to be named later.

The Joyce trade made no sense to me. Yes the Rays needed an outfielder when they traded for Joyce. The only problem is.... they still need an outfielder. Joyce did not play well when he started the season in the bigs. He also does not provide a right hand power bat which the Rays certainly could use, see Pat Burrell. He is an average defensive outfielder at best with little speed. Giving up Edwin Jackson, a 14 game winner, did not make much sense.

The Kazmir trade makes a little more sense to me. Dollars and Cents.......

I actually like Torres as a prospect, he is almost a mirror image of Kaz. He has 149 K's in just over 147 innings pitched. He is a lefty and is only 22 years old. He also is not owed 20 million + over the next three years. Matt Sweeney however better not unpack his bags, because I do not see any reason for the Rays to keep this guy. Longoria is the face of the Rays, and at only 24 years old most likely will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Overall, I think the Jackson deal was done to improve the team, and it just didn't work out. The Kaz deal was made to save money!!! It looks to me like the Rays have decided to pack in this season and start trying to figure out how they are going to make payroll next year. Hopefully Torres will become a quality major league starter, and the Rays will get something in return for Sweeney and the dreaded PTBNL......

Are the Rays headed in the right direction? Will this be another Young for Garza and Bartlett move, or could it be another Jackson for Joyce? Only time will tell. Like Cubs fans always say, "There is always next year!"

The Card Addict


  1. They got pennies on the dollar for Jackson, period. I felt like that at the time, and the return has declined further since. Maybe it'll work it, but it didn't fill a need at the time and likely won't in the future. You just don't trade a live workhorse arm with ML experience straight up for a 24 yo OF who's completely unproven.

    The Kaz trade is better, if only because it was to save $$ and, unfortunately, Kaz is injury prone. Over the long haul, something had to be done. We should have gotten at least one ML ready prospect, though.

  2. CCC I totally agree with you. We never should have traded for Joyce! We needed a proven RIGHT hand hitter. Not an average minor league outfielder.

    Why re-sign Kazmir last year if you did not have faith that he could get it done. Or if they truly did not believe in his talent, why not trade him in the offseason when his stock was a lot higher?

    The Rays should have worked on a deal involving Matt Holliday. The A's got him for a fast defensive outfielder, Desmond Jennings? Houston Street, and Greg Smith.

    The Rays could have put together a better package, paid Holliday the Burrell money and killed two birds with one stone.

    Kazmir obviously had his doubters in the organization. I guess the silver lining is that by dumping Kaz we should have money to re-sign Bartlett, Upton, or Crawford.....