Thursday, August 6, 2009

Supply and Demand

I am going to try to post here as often as possible, but I am feeling lazy tonight after my road trip, and do not want to expend to much power from the grey matter, so I am going to do another pack break. This is going to be an actual WAX pack. Back in the late 1980's when the baseball card boom was happening, my mother decided to put a few boxes of wax away as an investment. In hindsight, this was really silly. You see this was before I knew about the laws of supply and demand. In the late 1980's millions of the same cards printed on cheap wonderful cardboard, and hundreds of thousands of people were slipping them into protective sheets it was EXCESS SUPPLY. In the late 80's and early 90's we loved it. Beckett and all of us collectors artificially inflated the prices of all of those Jose Canseco, Mike Greenwell, and Gregg Jefferies cards. I consider myself one of the guilty ones. I wanted to have three of every card, one for my collection, one to trade, and one to sell at some point in the way off future. The only problem is when there are that many collectors saving that many cards the supply far outweighs the demand, making most of the cards from this era pretty much worthless. You see, card prices are directly related to the number of cards produced and the number of people who want the card. Many many cards were produced, and not to many people want them any more. Well anyway, tonight I am going to break into one of these near worthless packs. Hopefully I will remember a time in my life that I really enjoyed. When nothing was better then getting a Don Mattingly, or a Rickey Henderson to complete my set of three of every card. I present to you a Wax break from the famous 1988 Fleer Baseball Set.

Here is the extremely valuable back that I have been carrying with me for the last 21 years. You can see back then each pack cost $.40 plus tax. In the 1988 Fleer you received 15 cards and 1 Sticker.

One to the cards. Here are the first six cards:

Paul Assenmacher, Glenn Braggs, Leon Durham, Ron Hassey, Dave Smith, and CRUNCH TIME w/ Darryl Strawberry and Eric Davis back in August of '88 I would have been pretty happy with this start. In '88 my friends and I could not get enough of Eric Davis, this guy was a STUD! In '87 this guy hit .293, had 37 HR, 100 RBIs and stole 50 bases making him a 30-30 club member. Straw was no slouch either, hitting 39 HR, driving in 104 runs and swiping 36 bases.

Here are the next 6 cards:

Buddy Bell, Cory Snyder, Todd Frohwirth, Joe Niekro, Randy Myers, and Rick Cerone so the pack has cooled off a little, it is really amazing to me when I open a pack and one of the cards has a player that has passed away. We lost Joe Niekro back in Oct. of 2006. The thing I remember most about him besides the knuckle ball was when he got caught scuffing baseballs with the emery board. It was classic the way he tossed it to the side and gave a "what me?" kind of pose. He of course was suspended for 10 games because of it.

Here are the last three cards and the sticker, please let there be a Henderson......

Kevin McReynolds, Mike Greenwell, and Eric Nolte no Hall of Famers in this pack, but back in '88 I probably could have gotten a couple of bucks for the Greenwell, so I cannot complain. As always if you see something here you need, which I highly doubt, shoot me an email or leave a comment. Maybe we can work a deal.

The Card Addict

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