Friday, February 11, 2011


I was worried that the 2011 version of TOPPS may have dropped the "SKETCH" card.  However after a little searching on EBAY this week I was able to locate a few 2011 SKETCH cards.  Not only did I find a few, turns out they are some great looking cards!  I am not sure I like the direction they are going with re-creating older cards, but I guess it goes go with the anniversary theme.  Here are some pictures of the cards that have already been sold or are currently listed on EBAY.....

The Rays are going to miss you Joaquin.  Thanks for a great year in 2010!

This is one bad mama jamma.  Love the '73 feel and look of this card.

Great looking card.

Classic Killebrew

One of my All-time favorite cards re-drawn UPSIDE DOWN???
Still very sweet.


Not so sure about this one...  looks unfinished to me.

Sweet piece of artwork.  Doesn't look like Vladdy, but a really cool card.

This is really cool....

I really like these 1/1 pcs of artwork, and if you don't have one in your collection yet I highly recommend you go out and get one, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Woah, those are absolutely awesome. That Troy Tulo card is easily the best card I've seen in 2011.

    What packs are these being pulled from?