Monday, June 28, 2010

Carlos Pena or Evan Longoria?????

Here is another auction for a confusing sketch card:  CLICK HERE!!!

To me it looks like Carlos Pena, however the owner of the card has it listed as Evan Longoria!!  What do you guys think.

I have never seen Longo hit left handed, but I guess it is possible.............



  1. I would guess the artist was trying to draw Pena. Its actually not bad either. I don't know how anyone would get Longo out of it. Ebay sellers aren't too bright. I bought a CC card last week from a seller who advertised it as Blue Jays Slugger Carl Crawfo. As a result I got a pretty good deal... Glad to see a post from you, I was wondering where you were!

  2. I am around, I just have a two year old and a 2 and a half month old!!!! I have decided to spend more time with them and less time on the collection. I have been reading, just not posting. Troll you have been picking up some really nice stuff lately... I am jealous.