Monday, August 17, 2009

Always Use Protection

What kind of protection do you use for your cards? Do you place them in 9 pocket pages and binders, top loaders, penny sleeves? Do you go ahead and leave them unprotected, stashed in a cardboard box? My preferred method of storage is placing the card in a penny sleeve and then dropping them into a top loader. When I see a stack of my precious cards sitting around without this dual layer of protection I tend to worry a little. Call me neurotic, tell me a have a slight touch of OCD, or just call me crazy, but unprotected cards cause me to shudder every time I see them. Some of my paranoia may be due to my daughter, who will be turning 15 months old tomorrow, and her uncanny ability to pick out the only thing in a room she should not have and make it the object of her obsession. She loves to get her hands on Daddys Stuff!!!!

Well, now that you know I get the shakes when I see unprotected cards, you may be interested to know that I have gone more then a month without top loaders. They simply were not in the budget. Relief came in the mail today however!!!!!! I found a site online: that was selling a case of top loaders delivered for $68.00 I have paid more before so I thought I would give them a try. They arrived today, and the quality is very good! I am impressed and will buy from them again. I have needed top loaders for so long that I am extremely excited about this mail day!!! Finally I will be able to protect a few of the cards I have pulled recently.

I put a link to the site on my blog..... If you need supplies I would give them a look. The also carry something called the Xpack, it looks to me like it is repackaged cards. I may give them a shot it the future. You can order an Xpack of your favorite team, and they promise at least on card will be worth the cost of the pack...... I'll believe it when I see it.

Here are a few of the cards that received PROTECTION today. Nothing special, but I feel better knowing they are safe.

A few numbered Carl Crawford cards for my personal collection. Man do I need a scanner! Does anyone have a good recommendation for a cheap scanner. I would love to be able to scan these instead of fighting the flash on my Nikon D40.

The Card Addict

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