Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jumbo Hits???

I always feel so good driving home after work on Friday!  The work week is over and I have a couple days to do whatever I want.  It is this good feeling that comes over me that makes me stop in at my local dealers and feed my fix.

This week I decided to go with one JUMBO 2010 Series 1 pack.  Hoping beyond hope to beat the odds: 1:19 and pull a Black short print.....  Well I did beat those odds, but here is what I did pull:

PP-21 Jimmie Foxx
TR39 Vladimir Guerrero
CMT-54  Ryan Howard / Cole Hammels
HOTG22 Ryan throws 7th no hitter
#163 Gold Josh Butler
TOG-20  The Jeter Flip
LL25  Tom Seaver and Roy Halladay

 I also pulled a few more RCs, base, a toppstown, and a Million Card Giveaway.  Here is what I got when I redeemed the Million Card Giveaway:

So after 4 redemptions I have 3 cards from the 70's and one from 2007.  Not too bad, still not enough to pay to have them shipped to me, but not bad.

The Card Addict

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