Monday, February 15, 2010

My One of a Million Card

I know everyone is doing this exact same post today, and I am not ashamed. Not only am I not ashamed, but I am just warning you now, I will be posting one of these every time I redeem a code. I actually think this is a pretty cool marketing idea. So on the back of my MIKE SCHMIDT Million Card Giveaway I found this code:d7&59qkK$ What did I get for entering this code?

1. A former player of my favorite team. Recently picked up by the METS.

2. A Topps Rookie of said player.

3. A card less then three years old.

4. A card that I have at least 5 of already.

5. A card that features a terrible posed picture.

6. A card that has a terrible faux autograph.

Thats right folks I scored a 2007 Shawn Riggans!!!!!


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