Sunday, February 14, 2010

Matt Carson or Mark McGwire???

Thanks for the comments on the last post. Here is a side by side comparison of some McGwire cards and the 2010 Matt Carson. You are absolutely correct very similar!

The Carson card says he is 28 years old with no Major League experience... However he did hit 25 home runs last year for Sacramento. He also did a little pitching. He has a lot of home runs to hit if he wants to catch McGwire, who by age 28 had already hit 220 big league round trippers! I hope he has a few bottles of ANDRO laying around...

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  1. I guess I was thinking of the 1990 Topps card. I did not realize there were a few donruss cards that looked similar. I would say the 1991 Donruss card is actually the most similar pose. Come to think of it I think 2010 Topps is using the same logos design as 1991 topps but putting them on the other side of the card. Of course 2010 Topps looks a lot like 2002 Topps/Post cereal cards.