Friday, March 12, 2010

100th post celebration

I decided for my 100th post I was going to treat myself to a break of my all time favorite baseball cards.  1986 Donruss!!!  I imagine the main reason I love these cards is because I really started collecting cards around the time these were hitting the stores.  In 1986 the Topps cards were kind of boring but the Fleer and Donruss products were both in my opinion great looking cards.  However I have always preferred the look of the '86 Donruss.

So last week I decided to search Ebay and see if I could pick up an unopened box of wax.  What I found instead was these beauties.....

Thats right 6 unopened rack packs.  The auction started at $9.99 with free shipping.  I bid $9.99.  As you can see I won the auction.  I know what you are saying to yourself right about now....  and yes I probably could buy a complete set for $9.99 + shipping but that is not what I did.  I bought 6 unopened rack packs.  What can I say?  I am an addict.

Here are the highlights of the 1986 Donruss break!!!!  Wish me luck!!!!

Pack number 1

Andres Galarraga-Rated Rookie
Goose Gossage-Diamond King
Rickey Henderson-HOF
Wade Boggs-HOF
Lou Whitaker-sweet LOU!!!
"OIL CAN" Boyd- the glasses plus the embroidered jacket = Awesome
Steve Carlton-HOF
Harold Reynolds- Before TV
Dennis Eckersley-  Awesome photo

Pack number 2     A little SCARY or maybe I should call it HAIRY!!!!

No stars in this rack, but check out the mid eighties hair!!
Don Aase-  I would like to introduce you to the man groomer
Lynn Jones- I am surprised you don't see that hairy animal on your upper lip with those glasses!
Von Hayes- This style seems to be making a comeback... all the young whipper snappers are wearing it like this!
Bob Stanley-  Is that a barber pole your staring at?
Nelson Simmons-  That is one sweet natural fro!!!
Sammy Stewart-  That is not!!!

Pack number 3

Carlton, Kirby, and Fred...  What else needs to be said?

Pack number 4

Frank Viola-  Nice action shot here
Steve Garvey- as a former Cub fan Garvey in a Padres uni makes me physically ill
Tony Gwynn- hitting machine
Dale Murphy- Did anyone else play for the Braves in the 80's
Darryl Strawberry- THE STRAWMAN
Joel Guzman-  Who is rating these rookies????
Todd Worrell-  Rated Rookie

Pack number 5
Where is my Canseco????

Kirk Gibson- Before THE home run!
Ken Griffey- Before JR.
Nolan Ryan- sweet card
Tom Foley- future Rays third base coach
Hal McRae- future and former Rays coach
Fleet Feet-  Willie and Vince, hey Willie do you have something in your eye?
Juan Nieves- Rated Rookie??
Cory Snyder-  At one point in history this was a very hot card!!!

Last pack #6

Pete Rose- all time hit leader
Kirby Puckett- Double
Ken Griffey- Still before there was a JR.
Nolan Ryan- Still bringing the heat
John Habyan- Rated what?
Mike Woodard- Rated who?
Jose Canseco- the second to last card I pulled in this break!  I think I will take this to the local mall show this week and sell if for $30-$40 bucks....  if it was only 1989 again!!!!
Marty Clary- Nice jacket Rook!

So there you have the 6 rack packs that helped me celebrate my 100th post.  Not bad for the cost of one jumbo pack of 2010 from my local shop!  

The Card Addict


  1. nice. if anything, it made me notice that I don't have the Dale Murphy from this set for some reason... now I have to go searching...

  2. Congrats on 100. A pretty cool 80's set.