Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blue,Gold and......Copper????

Here are a few recent pick ups.  Like I always say I am a sucker for serial numbers!!!

2010 Topps Gold Carl Crawford 1156/2010

2010 Topps Opening Day Blue Carl Crawford 1831/2010

The backs, is anyone else mad about the cheap looking numbering this year on the back of the Topps product.  What happened to the embossed gold foil?  What happened to the gold foil?  These are some lousy ink jet printed serial numbers.  They are a little smaller on the Opening Day card as you can see in the scan, which I think looks a little better by the way.  I still think it is garbage that Topps has gotten cheap on these parallel cards this year!!!!

2007 Topps Copper Aki Iwamura 55/56

I remember when this came out in '07 you could not touch one on ebay for less than about $40.  I got this one for less then $5 shipped.  Good things come to those who wait!!!!!  I never understood why COPPER would be more rare then the gold, but I guess that is the way they wanted it.

The Back....  Notice the gold foil stamping....  Classy!!!!

Well that is all I have time for tonight.  I still have to get these up on my account.  Please voice your opinion of the way Topps is doing the serial numbers this year.  I think it sucks!!!

The Card Addict


  1. I'm not a fan of the computer done numbers either. Like you said, the foil just looked a lot better.

  2. I really don't like the serial numbers this year at all... The gold cards are way harder to pull and look cheesier...
    I hadn't seen the blue parallels from opening day. Those are NICE! Thats another set with parallels that I need to track down... I had forgot about the copper from 07, too. I had 2 platinums (long gone) and about 60% of the golds. Trying to build that back up and working on the regular red backs. Ugh. Like you I love anything from Topps with a Serial number or funky coloring, but damn they are hard to track down! Nice post and nice cards. Floridians unite!