Tuesday, November 10, 2009

2009 Updates and Highlights box break!

I was on the road today for my real job, traveling in Northwest Alabama. The day started rainy and cool, but once the sun broke through and the temp warmed up is was very hard not to notice all of the amazing fall colors. This part of the country is absolutely beautiful this time of year. So while I was driving back to the airport from my sales call I noticed a Wal-Mart in Russellville, AL. I stopped in to see what kind of wax was on their shelves.

I found this beauty along with a very nice selection of other wax. I have been looking for a box of these for a while, so I dropped the $19.95 plus tax and took my chances.

Here is what I came up with:

This is my "ONE COMMEMORATIVE PATCH" per box. It is a Robin Yount. The patch commemorates the 1980 All-Star game.

I pulled two Carl Crawford cards in 10 packs!!!

I snagged this Reggie Jackson short print, too bad it wasn't the Henderson, but I still love the A's uni. I really like the gold foil on these cards much better then the silver.

I pulled 4 gold parallel cards in 10 packs. More on two of them in a second.... I still love to pull these things. I know there are 2009 of them printed and for some reason that adds value to them for me. I wish Topps would put print runs on all of their cards.

Did you know there were black background parallel cards in the 2009 Highlights and Updates? I didn't until I opened this box! Are they only in the blasters from Wal-Mart?

I did not pull anything great in them, but each pack did contain a gold parallel as well as the black background cards. Do you know if they made the SPs in the black background as well? I am going to assume they did until I hear or see other wise. I guess I can add a few more Crawfords to my want list. I need to stop busting wax!!! Over all I enjoyed the break and will have a hard time not doing it again.

The Card Addict

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