Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ken Griffery Jr. is not done!

Jr. has signed a 1 year deal to come back to the Mariners in 2010. Read about it here. In honor of the man with 630 career home runs here a few of my favorite Griffey cards. I am not a Griffey collector so don't expect firework here, I think I will also add some really bad commentary as well. Sorry I am in one of those moods tonight.

Jr. says, "Dad, your head is huge!"

Jr. says, "I will be taking this pitch the other way with full extension, and you will like it!"

Jr. says, "Man, it is hard being this pretty."

Jr. says, "Hey, you guys forgot your bats, is that the ice cream truck I hear?"

Jr. says, "I am so good, I can hit your stuff with no hands on the bat!"

Jr. says, "Hey guy with the camera, did you get my good side?"

Jr. says, "Are you seriously thinking about trying to score from third on this shallow pop up? GOOD LUCK!"

I am very glad Grif Jr. is coming back, I could watch that sweet swing for 10 more years and still not see it enough.

The Card Addict


  1. Glad to hear about Griffey coming back for another season! Thought your commentary was great!

  2. I like your commentaries. Griffey--630 home runs the honest way. Gotta like that!