Friday, November 6, 2009

69th Post 1969 set building

Wow, I am already up to 69 posts! That is hard for me to believe. Look out number 100 here I come. So for my 69th post I would like to tell you about a set I am building. 1969 Topps! A while ago I decided I wanted to collect a vintage set because I thought it would be fun. It would also keep me from spending all of my money on wax. So I started looking at some of my older cards trying to decide which set to choose.

I love the 1959 set best of all, but decided it would simply be too much money. I only have a handful of '59 so I would be starting from scratch. 1959 commons sell for between $3-$6 bucks, minor stars book for between $8-$20, Bob Gibson has a rookie card that goes in the high $300s, and then there is the $1000 Mickey Mantle. 1959s were simply not in the budget......

I also really love the look of the 1965 Topps set. I have a few of these, but not many. This set is a little more reasonable booking at around $4,000 but again the Mantle is over $500 and the biggest rookie card is Steve Carlton.

So I decided from a money standpoint, 1969 is the way to go. This set books for around $3000, has Mickey Mantles last card, a second year Nolan Ryan, and Reggie Jacksons rookie! So far I have managed to put together 378 of these beauties. I still need 286 more including most of the big money cards. You can see what I still need on this web site I have set up to help me complete this set: 1969 WANT LIST If you have any 1969 cards that you would like to trade that are on the list, drop me an email. I have a number of doubles that I will be organizing soon. I will put up another site as soon as I have them put together. I also have this card that I would be willing to trade to help me complete my set. It does have a small crease right in the center at the top of the card, and the corners are not very sharp.

I would love to get a Bench in similar condition for this Clemente. So here is a plead for help to the entire blog-o-sphere, if you have any 1969s you are willing to part with, take a look at my list and see if you have any I need. I will post some of my trade bait some day this weekend.

The Card Addict

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  1. I don't know what I might have in terms of 1969s, but I know I have a lot of cards that you want and I really want that Clemente! I'll let you know next week what I can do with the 69s. For now I can offer a Rickey and a bunch of Crawfords and Rays cards...