Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ebay win!!! Carl Crawford Beam Team AUTO!!!!!

Wow it has been a tough couple of weeks for me on EBAY. I keep trying to win one of the many Carl Crawford Black Updates and Highlights cards but keep getting sniped at the last second. The same thing seems to be happening to me on the Rickey Henderson SP....

This makes me feel much better though. I paid a total of $4.36 for this card shipped. I am really excited about it! This is a 2008 Topps Stadium Beam Team Autographed card. It is numbered 01/99 and it is sweet.

The lesson I learned this week is to stay patient with EBAY, in the end it is still our best place to connect with the cards we love.

The Card Addict


  1. I still refuse to buy cards on ebay, but I gotta say, less than 5 bucks is an AMAZING! deal on that card. If I saw that at my card shop, I would pay 20 bucks for it. Great deal, but thats why I hate ebay, it cheapens everything...

  2. I like the way those beam team autographs look. Any card you can see through is cool. I collect stained glass, and have a lot of it in my home. Nice pick up, but I agree with C.T Ebay has put a damper on card value, but at the same time It all comes down to how much you value your cards, and not others.