Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Baseball Card

Upper Deck Masterpieces is a great product, and here are the results from a recent pack break. These are of the '08 variety. I love the watercolor painting effect on the textured stock. The gold stamped foil on these cards is also a very nice touch.

The first card out of the pack was future HOF pitcher Randy Johnson. I do not collect the big lefty, but this card sure beats a sharp stick in the eye! Tipping the cap is always a nice jesture, something looks off with the ball in Randys' hand. I think it may be his super long thumb.

The next card is a player who I hope becomes a future Hall of Famer. Evan Longoria! What a sweet card. Longo warming up with a painted Trop back drop. I have been hitting some Longorias recently, maybe I should start a player collection. He may be out of my price range though.

The third and next to last card is Tim "the strike out machine" Lincecum. This is turning into a pretty decent pack. Tim had 150 Ks in 146.1 innings pitched in 2007! Not bad for a guy that is only listed at 170 lbs.

This pack just hit the wall. The forth card..... Robinson Cano. Cano is a fine player, and at one time I actually rooted for the Yankees, but my allegience is now with the Rays so I cringe every time I pull a Yankee or Red Sox. I like the pose on this card, Cano is looking to the coach for the sign adjusting his batting glove. According to the back of the card, Cano has over 500 hits in his first 3 years!!!!

As I said before I really like this product, it feels very high end. I just wish a pack contained 10 or 12 cards instead of 4. 4 Card packs just leave me wanting more...... Isn't the new Goodwin Champions a 4 card per pack product? As always, everything here is up for trade, the Longoria may be tough to pry from my grip however. If you need one of these please write a comment and I will get in touch.

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