Monday, September 14, 2009

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses....... and a ZISTLE.COM review

I am sorry for my lack of posting recently, but a family reunion, a knee injury playing wiffle ball, a fantasy football draft or two, and finally 11 straight losses by the Rays have left me feeling a little uninspired. The one baseball card related activity I have been working on however has been my ZISTLE account. If you don't have one, I suggest you go sign up tonight! What a great website for collectors. I spent most of my free time the last few days entering all of my Carl Crawford cards. I have a few more to add, but for the most part they are all up there.

Zistle is a great site right now, and will only get better as more collectors start to use it.

THE POSITIVE: It is much more user friendly then Beckett, and it is free. The trading section looks like it has a lot of potential, I have not put any "bait" up yet, but will soon. The data base for the site is very good, although not complete. The site lets you enter cards that are not currently listed, I need to go back and scan a bunch of CC cards...... The menus are fairly easy to use and so far the site has run very smoothly for me on all three of my Macs.....

THE NEGATIVE: I do not see any way to sell cards on the site yet, but who knows maybe someday. I also wish that you could print out your lists in a printer friendly format, especially your want lists. The library is no where near complete, but growing everyday. Most of the photos of cards on the site are on the small side, but it is free, so any picture is pretty good.

My favorite feature is the real time want list that you can create. You can see my list recently posted on my blog..... My list needs a little work, but the 1969 Topps are correct as well as the Carl Crawford section.

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  1. This is Josh from Zistle. Thanks for giving us a try and we're glad you liked it! We've thought about doing printable lists for a while as well, so I can definitely see that being a possibility down the road. If you have more ideas feel free to submit them through our feedback tool (thats how we try to keep track of demand for things).

    Thanks again!