Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Enough of this Rays losing streak....

Tonight I had a tough choice to make after watching the Rays blow another game to the Yankees. I could put down my remote, pick up a few cold ones, and drown my sorry, or I could use the numeric power of this historic date 09/09/09 to put an end to the Rays losing streak. I am going to scan 9 of my favorite Carl Crawford cards to add a forth nine to this magical day and put an end to this losing streak once and for all. So for all of the Carl Crawford fans out there here are the nine cards that will bring the Rays a victory. I suggest you use the remaining 58 minutes to scan and post your nine CC cards as well.

Nine material cards, scanned and uploaded on the ninth day of the ninth month of the year 2009. If this is not a losing streak breaker I do not know what is.


  1. Sweet cards and a nice effort, but the crap streak is still on... maybe if ya scan 10 cards of bullpen guys tomorrow? i can not stand this streak! are you goin to the trop this weekend? i'll be there saturday night...let me know if you wanna trade, i actually have a double of a cc jersey now...