Thursday, September 17, 2009

American League Rookie of the Year Race tightens......

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Jeff Niemann possibly winning the AL rookie of the year award. I also put up a survey to see who everyone else thinks should be the AL ROY. Here is an update on that post along with some stats that show the race has tightened.

Matt Wieters C Baltimore

Games 79 Hits 78 Home Run 7 RBIs 35 BA .273

Wieters threw out Carl Crawford two times in last nights game! If this guy would have played the full year I believe he would have been the hands down winner of the ROY award.

Jeff Niemann Starting Pitcher Tampa Bay

Games 27 Wins 12 Losses 6 K's 112 ERA 3.80 WHIP 1.32

Niemann was my vote a few weeks ago, and has pitched pretty well, but I think my vote is starting to be swayed to the only closer on my this list. He had a real bad outing against Baltimore this week. Going a little over 4 innings giving up 6 earned runs and 11 hits.

Brett Anderson Starting Pitcher Oakland

Games 27 Wins 9 Losses 10 K's 129 ERA 4.37 WHIP 1.29

Andersons numbers are comparable to Niemann considering Oaklands team record, 67-78. If this award is going to a starting pitcher, Niemann is still the leader.

Elvis Andrus Shortstop Texas

Games 129 Hits 114 Home Run 6 RBIs 33 BA .273

Andrus has done a very good job all year at short for the Rangers however Wieters numbers are a little bit better and he has played 36 fewer games. Andrus has a bright future and it looks like the Rangers have a steady SS for years to come.

Andrew Bailey Relief Pitcher Oakland

Games 62 Wins 6 Losses 3 K's 82 ERA 1.98 WHIP .92 SAVES 24

Bailey is one of the league leaders in ERA, K's and WHIP for relievers. He also has 24 saves and 6 wins. If the ROY race were to end today, I would have to give the AL version of the award to this hard throwing A's closer. He has an electric fastball, good curve, and effective cutter. He seems to be able to throw all three pitches to righties and lefties for strikes.

Rickey Romero Starting Pitcher Toronto

Games 25 Wins 12 Losses 8 K's 119 ERA 4.22 WHIP 1.51

I think Romero has some very strong stats considering he is pitching in Toronto and playing against the AL East, but his numbers are not as strong as Niemann or Bailey in this bloggers opinion.

Rick Porcello Starting Pitcher Detroit

Games 27 Wins 13 Losses 8 K's 78 ERA 4.21 WHIP 1.33

Porcello also has good numbers for a rook, but again not quite up to the level of Bailey or Niemann. Most of these starting pitchers should get a couple more starts this season, so a lot could change, and any of them could be awarded ROY.

Gordon Beckham 3B Chicago White Sox

Games 88 Hits 88 Home Run 12 RBIs 54 BA .274

Beckham has been solid at third this year for the sox, but he is in the same situation as Wieters, just not enough games to put up the stats needed to win the award. Unless he has a great final month and can put up big numbers, I think this award is going to a pitcher.

Brad Bergesen Starting Pitcher Baltimore

Games 19 Wins 7 Losses 5 K's 65 ERA 3.43 WHIP 1.28

Bergesen is on the 60 day IR he has most likely pitched in his last game this year.

So after looking over the stats I think if the season were over tomorrow, I would give the award to ANDREW BAILEY. That is right I said Bailey. I am a huge Rays fan, and have really enjoyed watching Niemann pitch this year, but Bailey has been really good for the A's and is one of the AL's better closers right now. I still think Niemann has a really good shot at taking this award home with a couple more quality starts this year.

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