Wednesday, September 9, 2009


3 quality starts!
3 games the Rays could have won!
2 blown saves!
The last hope of the '09 season, down the drain.

The misery started on Monday with Matt Garza on the mound for the first game of a double header. Garza goes 7 innings gives up 5 hits and allows 1 run. He leaves with the game tied at 1. The bullpen wastes no time in letting the Yankees score three times on two hits and three walks.....

Game 2 Monday: One word Sonnanstine! 2.2 innings 6 hits 8 earned runs. I sure am glad we keep Andy and traded Edwin!

Tuesday was even more disappointing. David Price takes the hill and goes 6 innings gives up 3 hits and 2 runs. When he leaves the game the Rays are down 1 run. The bullpen holds for two innings allowing the Rays to make a comeback and tie the game at 2. Then Dan Wheeler comes in and allows the walk off homer to Nick Swisher.

That brings us to tonight. Niemann, my choice for AL rookie of the year, goes 7 innings, gives up 8 hits and 1 earned run. When he leaves the game he has a 2 to 1 lead. Shouse, Cormier, and Balfour proceed to give up 3 more runs. Then the Yankee pen comes in, does their job and finishes the game winners..... Stick a fork in the 2009 Tampa Rays, they are officially done!

With the Rays playing as poorly as they have the last 8 games, I am starting to wonder if they are going to finish above 500 for the year. After the loss tonight their record stands at 72 wins 67 losses........

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