Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zistle.com Review part 2

So I have been thinking about my Zistle.com account today thanks to a great comment on my last posting from Josh Cutler at Zistle. The reason I call it great is because he took the time to find my blog and write me a note. Being in a customer service driven field myself I really appreciate this for a couple of reasons. The biggest one being I have not paid Zistle.com a single cent, but they are seeking out and searching for feedback from one of their customers. What a great first contact and impression to make. The second reason I am impressed is because I made a couple of suggestions and they responded positively. I am not a believer in the quote the customer is always right, but I do think more companies should listen and consider customer suggestions. So because I was thinking about it most of the day today, I came home tonight and got back to work on my Zistle.com account. Currently I am working on my 2001 Fleer Platinum set. This is one of my all time favorite card sets, and really got me back into collecting after a long lay off. I am not really sure why I liked this set so much when it came out, but I did and that is all that matters. The base cards are easy to get, but I am still working on the subsets, and probably always will be. Here are a few of the cards that I scanned in tonight and added to the Zistle.com website:

As I posted yesterday, if you have not been to this site yet I think you really should give it a look! By the way, uploading the pictures was very easy, but I like when my cards pictures are already there, so log on, create and account, and start uploading your favorite cards, then lazy bums like myself can just click the plus sign to add it to my collection or want list.......

The Card Addict

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