Thursday, December 17, 2009

2005 Topps series one pack break

So there I was, standing in one of the check out lanes at my local K-Mart looking over the slim pickins in addictive cardboard with grown mens pictures printed on it when a shiny box caught my eye. On the outside, written in bold type were the words 10 packs of baseball cards $9.99. Or something like that...... It was one of those boxes where the wax has been repacked and sold to suckers like myself.

As you can see from the title and picture one of the pacs was a 2005 Topps series 1 wax/crinkly chrome material pack with 6 cards. So I pulled out my trusty pack cutting scissors and hacked it open. Here is what I found.

Bill Muller played 11 seasons and last played for the Dodgers in '06, Ramirez played last year for the Royals, Mr. Park played for the Phillies, Josh Beckett is a Red Sox and Mark Bellhorn last played in '07 for the Reds.

You may be asking your self right now, did he show us 5 cards or 6? Well what was it 5 or 6? Does the checklist count? Do you feel lucky? Well do you? Here is the 6th card:

A certified on card auto of Casey Kotchman, who when I last checked played for the Red Sox. Another interesting fact about Casey Kotchman is he played his high school ball right here in Pinellas County Flordia for Seminole High School, and my father-in-law was his coach! Well that is about all the excitement I can handle tonight. I wish I had that stinking NFL network so I could watch the Jags and Colts! If there are any Kotchman collectors out there that need this card, shoot me an email it is trade bait.

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  1. I was looking at those very packs the other day in a local store and now I'm glad I didn't buy one. You probably got the only hit.