Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Second game of the Double header....

After what seems like the craziest month of my life I have returned from the land of the missing to pick up where I last left off, the second half of a great package I received from THE COLLECTIVE TROLL. In the first post I shared all of the great 69's the Troll was kind enough to send my way. Today I will share some of the new goodies that also showed up!

First off a sweet collection of Carl Crawford Cards!!!!

I did not need all of these for my Crawford collection, but who can turn down a Crawford? I really need to get a list of the Crawfords I have posted some where. Does any one have any suggestions on the best way to do it? By the way my fav off this first page has to be the blue bowman.......

Troll also sent me a CC rookie card... along with the GOLD version of the bowman, I guess I have the start of a rainbow! Troll was also kind enough to put this in the package!

And then my favorite Crawford of the bunch, a game used bat Ginter Card. This is one sweet slab of cardboard, wood and plastic!!!

The last card in the package was a card that I have been trying to buy from the Bay for a month with no success, then the Troll pulls it one out of a blaster. The SP of Rickey Henderson from the 2009 Topps Updates and Highlights. Thank you so much for this card, I absolutely love it. It is not that great of a Henderson card, but it is special because it is the first new card he has had in a long time... I was craving new Rickey material.

If you have not started following The Collective Trolls blog yet, you need to start. Marck writes great content, and has a super blog. He is also a great trader and is always looking out for his trading partners. Thanks again Troll, I put a package in the mail today for you, hopefully you will have it shortly.

The Card Addict

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  1. Glad your back! I was dying to read about the second game of the doubleheader. Glad you were happy about everything... I had forgotten what I sent...