Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jason Bay signs with the NY METS

Today is a good day for all of the teams in the AL East except for the Red Sox. Jason Bay has agreed to a 4 year $66 MILLION dollar deal with a possible 5th year, that would take the contract out to 80 MILLION. The deal is pending a physical. You can read all about it here.

As a Rays fan I am glad Bay is out of the division. However if you are a Jays, Yankees, or Orioles fan you should be even happier. Here is how Bay did last year against the teams in the AL East.

Bay vs. Rays
.254 average
15 runs batted in
4 home runs

Bay vs. Orioles
.368 average
9 runs batted in
3 home runs

Bay vs. Jays
.373 average
10 runs batted in
6 home runs

Bay vs. Yankees
.475 average
13 runs batted in
3 home runs

Good luck in the NL East Jason!

The Card Addict

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