Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 Topps Highlights and Updates pack break....

So I have been on the road a lot for work lately, and in my travels I sometimes make it to a small town in Northwest Alabama named Russellville. It is a very nice small community and every time I am there I like to make a trip over to the super Wal Mart and pick up a pack or two of cards. Here are the results of a Jumbo Pack I purchased back in November.

Mr. Ryan, according to the back of this card, Joe Torre hit a solo homer off Nolan in his major league debut.
Mr. Bailey, AL Rookie of the Year
Mr. Beckham, one fine rookie himself
Mr. Peavy gold! I think this guy will be strong in 2010!

Mr. Lugo, the ex-Ray
Mr. Buehrle, perfect game against the Rays
Mr. Cain , 1st time All Star
Mr. Hudson, one of my favorite players, Orlando was always very fan friendly when he was with the Jays!
ICHIRO, what more can you say?
Mr. Lilly, he looks very excited doesn't he?

Mr. Pujols, the best player in the game.
Mr. Lee, the newest member of the Mariners.
Mr. Halladay, the newest member of the Phillies.
Mr. Hunter, one smooth center fielder.
Mr. Fielder, 2009 Home Run Derby CHAMP.

I pulled a few others as well, and was pretty happy with this pack until I started looking at the 11 cards in the last two scans. Every single one of them has two vertical creases running the entire length of each card! I finally got around to sending an email to Topps tonight to voice my displeasure and received a response within 10 minutes. Here is what they sent:

Have any of you every complained about the condition of the cards in a brand new pack? What was the outcome? I will let you know if and how this is resolved. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Topps told me to send in my cards with a receipt and the wrapper. I had weird brown stuff on the backs of some of my Allen and Ginter cards I bought at Wal Mart. It was cool though, they sent me new cards with an extra mini. Good luck!