Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A little RICKEY to lift my spirits!

Nothing brightens my day more then a few little Rickey cards. Enjoy!!!

Wow this 1986 Fleer Mini looks giant on the post. I heard a rumor that the Yankees are looking for a left fielder. I wonder if they still have Mr. Hendersons number on speed dial!

This little card from 1987 also looks huge scanned. I cannot believe I actually used to root for the Yankees! Loved me some Henderson, Mattingly, and Winfield back in the day.

I am not positive, but I think this miniature card was sold in Europe to promote the game of baseball. I opened a few of these packs back in '88. According to the back of this card, Rickey weighed 13 stone 13 pounds!!!

There were also a lot of little stickers of Rickey that somehow I have saved for 20 years.... Wow I opened a package of stickers 20 years ago and have been keeping this little guy ever since. Where does the time go?

Last but not least for this post is a 1990 SuperStar sticker. This little dude has a flame throwing Texan on the back. Thats right none other then Nolan Ryan!

I feel much better now that I have strolled down memory lane with my all time favorite player. If you have any Rickey Henderson doubles that you would like to trade, get a hold of me via email and lets try to work a deal. jmeloy1218@gmail.com

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