Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1989 Topps Cello

Tonight I am going to break a Cello pack of Topps from 1989. I have had this pack for over twenty years. When I was a younger fellow I searched every pack on the shelf looking for Rickey Henderson, Jose Canseco, or Don Mattingly cards. As you can see from the scan of the back of this pack, I was prospecting. This pack was going to be worth a fortune. In 1989 there was one rookie who rose above all other in my neighborhood. Destined to be a legend and future hall of famer, my friends and I collected his cards with a passion. Using my fingers to hold down the semi-transparent white section of this pack, I began to read the first few letters of the last name J-e-f-f-e I knew right away I had stumbled on the mother load...... Some how Topps had forgotten to make a card for this guy in 1988 so this was his first Topps regular issue!

Mr. Gregg Jefferies himself on the back of a cello. I would have his rookie card forever in a sealed pack!!!!! Imagine the value!!!!! I happily plunked down my $.79 plus tax and immediately ran home to brag to anyone willing to listen......

Well here we are 20 years later...... its a Tuesday night and I just got my daughter to bed.... It is time to release this awesome card from its plasticy embrace. So without further due, a 1989 Gregg Jefferies Cello pack break!
The first 6 cards.
Al Newman #503
Jose Alvarez #253
Bruce Ruffin #518
Dave Johnson #684
Keith Miller #268
John Dobson #251

here are the next 6...
Johnny Ray #455
Todd Frohwirth #542
John Kruk #235
Rod Nichols #443
Stewart Cliburn #649
Barry Larkin #515

Cards 13-18...
Randy Bush #577
John Wathan #374
The Topps Company Store SPECIAL OFFER CARD
Jeff Pico #262
Walt Terrell #127
Bill Swift #712

Dwayne Henry #496
Eric King #238
Dante Bichette #761
Ron Kittle #771
Larry Anderson #24
Orioles Leaders #381

And the last 6 gems in this pack.......
Danny Cox #562
Bob McClure #182
Don Mattingly #700
Jeff Sellers #544
Jack Armstrong #317
Gregg Jefferies "FUTURE STAR" #233

What a pack!!! I pulled a Jefferies, that I knew was there, Mattingly, Kruk, Larkin, and a Dante Bichette ROOKIE! Nothing wrong with that. Does anyone else feel like Donnie Baseball should be in the hall? I am up in the air, but because he was so amazing when I was really first getting into baseball I think he should be there. I also think that Larkin has a pretty good shot at the hall, but only time will tell.

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