Saturday, September 26, 2009

I highly suggest you Trade with The Troll!!!

Today was a very good mail day for the Closet. I recently sent a package of Rays autographs to Marck at THE COLLECTIVE TROLL. He and I collect a lot of the same cards, but I think we pulled off a very good trade. As you can see the Troll packed his return envelope with goodness. It all started with this on card Aki Iwamura auto. VERY SWEET!

Below you can see some more of the cardboard treasures that made their way to my mailbox:

I love the bazooka Comic card. I had no idea that Carl Crawford was the first player since Willie Mays to lead his league in both triples and stolen bases. I needed all three of these for my CC collection.

More Crawfords that I needed and did not even realize I needed. What a big suprise to find out this was my first 2009 Topps regular issue Crawford!!!!

I love this Henderson card! I saw Rickey at the Trop when he was with the Mariners and the Rays were awful. The Goudey Crawford is also very nice. Thanks to the Troll for a great trade. If you do not currently follow his blog I suggest you click here and start following. He has some great posts on A&G, negro league autos, and all things Tampa Bay Rays. I hope we can pull another trade in the future.

As for me, thanks for reading my blog. If you have any Crawford or Henderson cards you no longer want, shoot me a list of what you collect. Maybe we can work a trade.

The Card Addict

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  1. So glad I could help Jeff! Those autographs that you sent me are so awesome, I feel like I owe you a whole bunch more. My Crawford collection is getting bigger and bigger, but that is in thanks to all of the awesome who have helped me out. I am always glad to share the wealth when I can. Oh, two of those cards were gifts to me from Carl Crawford Cards blog when I first started, they brought me good luck, so I figured that I would pass them on to the next guy, being you. Go Rays!