Sunday, September 27, 2009

2008 Upper Deck X box break!!!

So last weekend I made a trip to my local neighborhood K-Mart and bought a few loose packs as well as a box of 2008 Upper Deck X. This box was marked half off, so I think it ended up costing me $10.99. The box says ONE MEMORABILIA CARD in EVERY BOX, on AVERAGE! Usually I end up below average. Here are the results of this box break.

Here are the Xponential inserts. They are the so called "shiny" in this product.

This Ichiro is a pretty sweet card. It is a LEVEL 4 Exponential not sure what that means, but I really like the card! I am also a collector of Vladimir Guerrero, so I will have to find a place for the Level 3 Guerrero as well.

Some American League East rookie base card love! Long live Longoria! If you look very close, you can see Longo is wearing pink wrist bands. That means this pic was probably taken on MOTHERS DAY.

The only double I pulled in the whole box was this Ichiro base card!

Here are a couple of the die cut cards that I received. These come pretty much one per pack. I was surprised to see that many of the die cut cards had hanging chads.....The Longoria is completely cut on the top and bottom, but if you look close the Martinez still has the die cut areas hanging on....

Here is my GAME USED card... Turns out I am average.

Brandon played 5 games this year with the Braves and only had 13 ABs. He hit .308 while he was up. He spent most of the year at triple A and only hit .281 Maybe my material card is a little below average after all.

This box was actually pretty enjoyable. My wife and I sat and broke it together. I love hearing her try to pronounce player names.... I also got three Yankee Stadium Legacy Cards. #654 Lefty Gomez, #679 Red Ruffing, and #704 Babe Ruth

For half a twenty I would happily rip another box of this product. If I had paid the full twenty though I may have been a little disappointed. If you are building this set, and or need something you see here let me know. Thanks for reading and war to the 4-0 Michigan Wolverines!

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