Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Villalona is no ANGEL!

Baseball America chose Angel Villalona, 19, as the San Fransisco Giants top prospect before the 2008 season. The police in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic charged the young first base prospect with murder in the death of a 25 year old man. To read more on this crime click here: Giants Prospect Villalona Charged with Murder

This however this is a baseball card blog. So what does this have to do with baseball cards? Apparently there are a few collectors out there who have not heard this story, or there are some sickos out there who have and want the autograph of a suspected murderer. Currently there are 60 items listed on Ebay for young mister Villalona. Most of them are 2009 Bowman chrome autos. The highest one with a bid is currently selling for $41.00. It is the gold version, but $41.00 for a guy who is looking at 20 years in jail? Come on! There is even one seller who has "murder?!" in his item description. You can view the auction here.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and I hope Mr. Villalona had nothing to do with this terrible crime, but things are not looking good for this young man. I for one will not be pursuing any of his cards, and I hope the people who are either don't know what he has been accused of or are just set collectors, but my gut tells me they are most likely neither of these.....They are probably the same folks my father calls rubberneckers. Those people who slow to a crawl and stare when they drive by an accident.

My only question is this: Do you think the police could pull a DNA sample off of one of these cards?

The Card Addict


  1. A dead ringer (inadvertent pun) for Bartolo Colon though I know Colon does not pitch underhand.

  2. Good story and good to know. I really had no idea that was going on. I do recall that years back when Ray Lewis of the Ravens was getting away with murder, his autos were selling very well on the bay... I just updated my autographs page, thanks to you!