Friday, September 18, 2009

Carl Crawford looks so good in Orange!

I am super pumped today because the Ebay auction I won was sitting in my mail box when I got home from work. I do not buy nearly as much from Ebay as I used to because all the sellers charge so much for shipping and there really are not that many good deals anymore due to the fees that Ebay charges to list cards. That being said, the one search I always find my self typing in at the bay is:

Carl Crawford Bowman Chrome Orange Refractor

I love these cards! I do not know why, the orange does not go well with the Rays uniform, but I have to have my Bowman Chrome Orange cards. They are numbered to 25, and can get very expensive on the bay, but I am a sucker for the orange. This one is numbered 12/25. I am very happy about getting this card. By the way I paid a lot less for my 2008 version then I had to for my 2007....... I guess that would be the one good thing about the current economic condition.

The Card Addict