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American League Rookie of the Year Race tightens...... UPDATED as of 9/29/09

American League Rookie of the Year is an award that many young players started this year dreaming about. With less then a week left in the 2009 season the stats have sorted out the contenders and pretenders. This is my fourth post about the AL ROY and the stats and opinions shown here are updated as of 9/29/09. The stats don't lie, but they also do not tell the whole story. Some of these guys are heating up, and some of them are hitting the rookie wall. I will write one more post after the season is over to help us all sort this out. Here are the most updated stats for each of the AL Rookie of the Year Candidates

Matt Wieters C Baltimore

Games 91 Hits 98 Home Run 8 RBIs 40 BA .296

Weiters has been on fire the last week or so, even though the O's have lost 11 in a row. So far tonight he is 2 for 2 against the Rays. In his last 5 games he has 7 hits, 2 RBIs and has raised his batting average all the way up to .296 If this was the All Star break, and not the end of the season Matt would be hands down the ROY. He just has not gotten enough games and at bats to be the 2009 ROY.

Jeff Niemann Starting Pitcher Tampa Bay

Games 30 Wins 12 Losses 6 K's 120 ERA 3.94 WHIP 1.35

Niemann is no longer a contender in this race. He has not won a game since August 24th. He only lasted 3.1 innings last night and allowed 4 runs and 7 hits. Brian Roberts chased him out of the game with a two run dinger in the 4th. It is just this home town bloggers opinion, but Niemann is no longer in the race for ROY. There are too many other rookies finishing the season strong for the Rays to have their second AL ROY.

Brett Anderson Starting Pitcher Oakland

Games 29 Wins 11 Losses 10 K's 139 ERA 4.21 WHIP 1.28

Brett Anderson is pitching 10/1 against the Mariners. He is 2 and 1 in four starts against Seattle. A win would go a long way, but it may mean that Bailey would get another save.

Elvis Andrus Shortstop Texas

Games 139 Hits 124 Home Run 6 RBIs 35 BA .270

Andrus played against the Rays last week. He had 3 hits, 2 walks a stolen base, and scored 2 runs. He was caught stealing twice though. If you are looking for an every day player to win this award Andrus is your man. If you believe a very strong closer is better then an average SS, the next guy is for you!!!

Andrew Bailey Relief Pitcher Oakland

Games 66 Wins 6 Losses 3 K's 89 ERA 1.88 WHIP .90 SAVES 26

Bailey is still on a rolling, rolling, rolling!!!! 2 more games, 2 more K's and another SAVE. He also lowered his WHIP and ERA. This guy is the man and in this bloggers opinion has been the best ROOKIE IN THE AL this year!

Rick Porcello Starting Pitcher Detroit

Games 30 Wins 14 Losses 9 K's 81 ERA 4.04 WHIP 1.35

Porcello is in the middle of a Division race. He pitched 6.1 innings of ball today against the Twins. In this pressure filled situation Porcello gave up 7 hits, but only 1 earned run. When he left the game the Tigers and Twins were tied at one. This was a very impressive performance, and moves Porcello up in my opinion. If the Tigers end up making the playoffs Rick could be taking home the trophy!

Gordon Beckham 3B Chicago White Sox

Games 99 Hits 99 Home Run 14 RBIs 63 BA .272

Beckham is fading as the season drags on. Was my headline early last week. Beckham must have read it because he has been on fire! 7 RBI's 6 hits in his last 4 games! He has raised his average 5 points over those same 4 games... He is making a strong late season push, but Andrus is better in the field, and the Rangers have been better then the Sox.

Wieters and Porcello are making a strong push at the AL ROY, but it looks like Bailey, the only All-Star, is not going anywhere and may in fact be adding to his slight lead in this race. Was my analysis 4 days ago, and nothing has changed. I do however want to note the voters for the AL ROY tend to favor position players on playoff teams. We do not have any of those though so this award is still up for grabs!

VOTE IN THE POLL AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE FOR YOUR FAVORITE TO WIN THE AL ROY!!!!!!! Looks like the readers like Bailey as well!

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