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American League Rookie of the Year winner is.......

American League Rookie of the Year Race tightens...... UPDATED as of 10/6/09

The regular season is over. The ROOKIE starter in the one game playoff is on the bench, and the voters are looking over the final weeks of the season. Lets see how the last week of the regular season treated our class of ROOKS.

Matt Wieters C Baltimore

FINAL STATS: Games 96 Hits 102 Home Run 9 RBIs 43 BA .288

Weiters slowed down a little the last week of the season. He still managed to get 102 hits in 96 games. He hit 9 home runs and 43 RBI. Wieters had a very strong Rookie year, and looks like he could be a superstar in the future. Wieters just did not play enough games this year to earn the ROY Award. If he was playing on a playoff team, the voters may have overlooked the number of games, but the Orioles finished at 64 and 98, last place in the AL EAST.

Jeff Niemann Starting Pitcher Tampa Bay

FINAL STATS: Games 31 Wins 13 Losses 6 K's 125 ERA 3.94 WHIP 1.35

Niemann won his last start of the season against the New York Yankees. He went 5 innings, struck out 5 and only allowed 2 runs. If Niemann would have finished a little stronger the award could have been his, but he and the Rays struggled down the stretch. Niemann led the Rays in wins (13) and ERA (3.94) If we could have picked up 2 or 3 more wins the AL ROY would be his, but he just did not do enough to be the Rookie of the Year.

Brett Anderson Starting Pitcher Oakland

FINAL STATS: Games 30 Wins 11 Losses 11 K's 150 ERA 4.06 WHIP 1.28

Brett Anderson lost his final start of the year to the Mariners. 4-2 was the final score. Anderson went 5 innings giving up all four runs, however only 1 was earned. Anderson the K's, and a great WHIP, but he just did not have the wins.

Elvis Andrus Shortstop Texas

FINAL STATS: Games 145 Hits 128 Home Run 6 RBIs 40 BA .267

Andrus had an amazing year for a rookie shortstop! He helped the Rangers stay in contention all year with his steady glove and bat. Andrus finished with a .267 batting average and 33 stolen bases. It looks like the Rangers have found an everyday shortstop. The Rangers had the best team record of any of the players in the running for the award, and it may be his. This race is too close to call, it will come down to whether the voters like the everyday player of the relief pitcher!

Andrew Bailey Relief Pitcher Oakland

FINAL STATS: Games 68 Wins 6 Losses 3 K's 91 ERA 1.84 WHIP .88 SAVES 26 4 Blown Saves BAA .167

Bailey pitched great all year and gets this bloggers vote for AMERICAN LEAGUE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. I of course do not have a vote, but this guy was ice cold all year. He only gave up 2 hits in his final 10 innings, if only the A's would have been leading a few more of those games.

Rick Porcello Starting Pitcher Detroit

FINAL STATS: Games 31 Wins 14 Losses 9 K's 83 ERA 3.96 WHIP 1.34

Porcello started the sudden death playoff game against the Twins tonight. He pitched very well going 5.2 innings giving up only 1 earned run however it was his fielding error that allowed the Twins to score a run. When Porcello left the game the Tigers were winning 3 to 2. That is pretty strong for a rookie. The Twins and Tigers are still going at it in the bottom of the 11th as I write this. I wish I could find it on TV!!!! If Porcello wins the award it would not be a surprise.

Gordon Beckham 3B Chicago White Sox

FINAL STATS: Games 103 Hits 102 Home Run 14 RBIs 63 BA .270

Beckham finished the season with 102 hits and 14 home runs. That is a great Rookie campaign, but should fall a little short when the award is handed out.

This was not a really strong year for rookies in the American League with no clear cut winners, but if you believe this blogger, and the readers of this blog then Andrew Bailey should be the winner of this years award. I guess all that is left to do is sit back watch some great playoff baseball, and wait for the votes to be counted.

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