Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I love my Rickey Henderson collection! I wish it was more complete, and to be honest I have not tended to it as I should over the last 2 or 3 years, but Rickey is the man who started my obsession for cards, and I need to start paying better attention to him.

This week I have been slowly adding all of my collection to my account. The more I use this site, the more I like it. I love the fact that I can store my player collection lists on-line. I find the format much easier to use then Beckett. I need to go back and add pictures to a lot of the cards I have uploaded, but that will have to happen in time. If you have not checked out I would highly recommend it. It has made my player collections interesting to me again.....

Here are a few of the odd ball cards that I will be trying to add to Zistle as soon as I get my regular issue cards in. If you know anything about any of these cards I would love to hear about them. I purchased all of these back in the 90's when these kinds of cards were hitting the market. It is a shame we do not get this kind of stuff anymore, but saturation is saturation.

Rickey looked great in the Yankee uniform......


Rickey looked even better in the OAKLAND uniform.....


I am not sure what a 200 foot tall Rickey Henderson monster was doing in Wrigley field before inter league play, but from the looks of things there were a lot of fans there to witness it!


Do you have any extra Rickey cards taking up space in your collection? If so, send me a message at Let me know who you collect, maybe we can work a deal?

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  1. I love oddball Rickey's, and it's too bad there aren't any sets like these anymore. As you probably know, most of the ones that you included are generally referred to as "Broder" issues, after the mysterious Rob Broder who produced a lot of these unlicensed (and illegal) sets. You won't find any of them in any official price guides, but they are a lot of fun to go after!