Thursday, October 15, 2009

Night Owl Trade!!!

So a couple of weeks ago, Greg at NIGHT OWL CARDS posted a picture of a Goodwin Champions Anderson Silva card. Being a huge MMA fan I requested the card after it was apparent Greg did not collect "THE SPIDER". His response was, positive. I told the nocturnal bird of prey I also collect Rays and Rickey Henderson. So Greg put together a great little package and shipped it to me here in the sunshine state all the way from NY. I could not be any more excited about what was in the package after I cracked it open. Here are the little gems from the man behind NIGHT OWL CARDS.

First up a trio of BJ UPTON cards.

I love all three of these cards. The Upper Deck Timeline card is especially nice. What a great chrome embossed logo, and very typical BJ pose, running what looks like half speed.

The Owl also scraped up a few Rays pitchers to throw in the mix.

The Niemann is a great card, and I also really like the Ginter Garza, but for this blogger, the David Price Goudey card made me as happy as a Dodger fan when Holliday miss played that fly ball! What a great card!!! The baby blue background is PERFECT!

Next I noticed some shiny!!!!!

Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but chrome cards are mine. PENA, SONNANSTINE, and NIEMANN! oh my!

Night Owl also sent me a few former Rays.....

We missed Hinske and his very profession at bats this year. I also am still pulling for Kaz even though he is pitching out west now, I hope he does well against the Yanks. Then there is Rocco, what is a fan to do when you own a Jersey of a guy who is not only not on your team anymore, but is playing for an arch enemy like the Red Sox? Any suggestions?

Random sweetness!!!!!

So according, I have over 300 Carl Crawford cards. I did not have this 2000 Topps though!!!!!! The Garza is also a very cool card!

Last but not least, the cards that got the ball rolling: ANDERSON SILVA

This guy is one bad mamma jamma. If you are not a fan of MMA I totally understand if you do not know who Anderson Silva is, but if you do follow mixed martial arts I am sure you will agree this is one of the toughest men on the planet..... Thank you so much Night Owl for the cards. I will get your package in the mail shortly! What a great package to come home to!

The Card Addict

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