Friday, October 30, 2009

Fenway on the last day of the Regular Season 2009

For the last two years a college buddy of mine and I have gotten together and headed out on a baseball weekends. Last year we made the trip to Yankee Stadium. It was an amazing trip and made me really appreciate the old Yankee Stadium. We saw the second to last game played there. We hung with the BLEACHER CREATURES in right field. We felt the adrenline rush when Enter Sandman plays and Mariano Rivera runs onto the field. It was awesome!

So this year we decided to head to the northeast once again to see another one of the Rays rivals, the Boston Red Sox. I was very impressed with Yankee stadium, but it pales in comparison to Fenway Park. Move on over Wrigley Field, I have a new favorite place to watch a ball game. This stadium was unreal! It felt like baseball should be. The seats were close, the grass was green, the fans were all wearing Red Sox gear, it was everything I think attending a baseball game should be. I took my camera with me, and did manage to snap a few photos, but if you have never been to Fenway, and consider yourself a fan of baseball, you need to go. Beg, borrow, cheat, or steal but make it to a game in Fenway before it is gone.

Here are some of the photos from my trip:

Thats me standing in center field with THE GREEN MONSTER in the background!

Here is the starting pitcher for the Indians Tomo Ohka warming up!

Here is the Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz stretching out the arm with some long toss.

Here is an artsy fartsy shot of the ancient seats in Fenway!

Ellsbury stole a base and scored a run!

I am a sucker for photos of catchers.

You can see this is before A-Rod and his 7 RBIs in one inning handed the Rays their final defeat of 2009.

This guy went yard twice against the Indians!

Not sure where the baseball trip is going to take us next year. If you have a suggestion I would love to hear it.

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  1. Fenway Park is the best place to watch a ballgame from my perspective. I've been to Yankee Stadium, and several other major and minor league parks. Nothing has matched Fenway.