Friday, October 16, 2009

Who was the worst free agent signing of 2009?

2 years at 16 Million for a light hitting DH? Only the Rays, only the Rays.... Pat "limp bat" Burrell was supposed to take the 2009 version of the Rays back to the playoffs. Instead he hit .221, approx. 30 points below his lifetime average. Burrell hit 14 home runs, his lowest output since his rookie year in 2000. Pat did drive in 64 runners! Which tied his career low. His 91 hits were also a career low. He did tie a career high in stolen bases with 2! Pat made 7 million this year and is due another 9 million next year.

Now I am no mathematician, but if my calculator is correct the man on this card made the following this year:

$500,000 Per HOME RUN

$109,375 Per RBI

$16,990.29 Per AT BAT

$76,923.07 Per HIT

$122,807.01 Per WALK

and last but not least

$58,823.52 Per STRIKE OUT!

For this bloggers money, Pat Burrell was the worst free agent signing of the 2009 season. There are a few more very worthy contenders out there:

The Cubs paid Milton Bradley 7 million in '09 to eat at their insides like a cancer, and they still owe him 23 million over the next two years! He managed to hit .257 with 14 home runs in 393 at bats. At least he plays defense. The really sad thing is this was the Rays first choice, when he signed with Chicago they then went after Burrell.

The Giants signed Randy Johnson for 8 Million and got exactly 8 wins from him. He only pitched 96 innings.

Derek Lowe got 15 million from the Braves in 2009. He posted a 4.67 era but did manage to win 15 games.

The Yankees paid Damaso Marte 3.75 million in 2009 for 21 appearences and a 9.45 era. He did have 5 holds and 13 Ks.

Oliver Perez was paid 12 million by the New York Mets to go 3-4 in 14 starts with a 6.82 era. Now thats earning your check!

I am sure many of you have your own opinion about who was the worst free agent signing of the 2009 season. I would love to hear about them and share in your pain, so please post a comment about the player who you wish was still on their OLD team.

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  1. I'd give the nod to Bradley being the worst free agent signing. Everyone could see that coming last winter.

    But I knew Burrell had a chance of faltering. He's got some flaws.

  2. My understanding is that the Rays offered Abreu money first, basically the same deal they gave Burrell, and he said "no." Might have been much, much different with Abreu...

  3. I would have loved to see them sign Abreu instead of Burrell. Did you know Abreu was a Ray at one time? He was drafted by the then Devil Rays in the 1997 expansion draft, and then immediately traded for Kevin Stocker.... at this point, I think I would rather have Stocker then Burrell!

  4. Ummmm... Adam Eaton and Ryan Freel. 'Nuff said.