Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tribute part 2...... 1985 Topps Traded Yankees and Angels

Wow, these playoffs have had some strange things going on..... A-Rod is now unstoppable in games that count. The Angels cannot seem to hit when they have runners in scoring position. The Dodgers pitching as been missing in action, and the Phillies relief pitching has been strong. I really do not have a horse in the race, but for me there is nothing better than a game 7 in the playoffs, so here is hoping both of these series even back up and we have two nail biting game 7's........

In my last post I showed you what the 85 Phillies and 85 Dodgers Topps traded cards looked like. Tonight in tribute to the two teams battling for the ALCS title I will show you the Yanks and Halos from the 1985 Topps Traded set!

Finished 97-64 2nd in the AL East behind the Jays
Don Mattingly had 35 home runs and 145 RBIs. He also led the team with a .324 batting average.
Rickey Henderson stole 80 bases in 143 games and hit .314
Dave Winfield also had a strong season hitting 26 bombs and batting .275
Ron Guidry won 22 games for the pinstripes with a 3.27 era
Dave Righetti had 29 saves.

Here are the cards from the 1985 Topps Traded set. I am very partial to the Henderson myself!!!! Be sure to read about the "love triangle" between the guys on the top three cards.

Eddie Whitson broke the arm of Billy Martin in 1985. See the article here.
Rich Bordi was the reason Whitson and Martin fought.... Martin started Bordi instead of Whitson.
Billy Martin was fired by the Yankees for a 4th time setting a record. He fought a three round fight with Whitson.......see previous link.
Dale Berra played in 48 games and hit .229
Rickey Henderson is the man!!!! He scored 146 runs in 1985 and became a Hall of Famer in 2009!!!!! Send me any Rickey Cards you have.... I will take them all!
Ron Hassey played in 92 games, hit .296 and drove in 42 runs! Not bad for the back up catcher!

Be sure to check out the fight story between Whitson and Martin. It is classic Billy Martin.

Record: 90-72 finished 2nd in the AL West
Reggie Jackson led the team in HRs with 27. He also knocked in 85 runs.
Rod Carew had an off year only hitting .280.
Mike Witt led the team with 15 wins and a 3.56 era.
Donnie Moore was the closer and had 31 saves.

Now with a little less drama, I present the 1985 Topps Traded California ANGELS!

Pat Clements went 5-0 with a 3.34 era in 41 games. He only pitched 62 innings for the Angels in 1985.
Donnie Moore went 8-8 in the closers roll. He had a 1.92 era in 103 innings.
Ruppert Jones has an awesome mustach and first name!
Gene Mauch was the manager. He was origionally signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1943 and played until 1957.....

Like I stated earlier, I no longer care who wins in this years playoffs, I just want to see some tight, white knuckle games. GO Phillies, Dodgers, Yankees, and Angels. Hail the 1985 Topps Traded set, and long live Carl Crawford.

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