Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Baseball Heros Pack break........

K-Mart was selling packs of 2008 UD Baseball Heros for 50% off today. So instead of paying $1.99 each for them they were $.99 per pack. I could not help myself. I picked up 4 of them. Here are the results of the first pack.

Why couldn't the pictures on this card be twice as big and the logo and names half sized? It would have been a much better card that way. I will admit, the big apple does have two strong shortstops!

Is a players first home run with the Nationals really card worthy?

This former Tar Heel from Gainesville FL went 3-5 for the Marlins in 2009. He pitched 80 innings and had 59 Ks. He is still only 24. I hope he turns into a first rate starter some day.

Where will Dan be playing in 2010????

500 Home Runs!!!!! Ken Griffey Jr. still has the smoothest swing in all of baseball. I hope you play in 2010.

The Card Addict

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